Definitions for "Incompetence"
The quality or state of being incompetent; lack of physical, intellectual, or moral ability; lack of qualifications or training (for a particular task); insufficiency; inadequacy; as, the incompetency of a child for hard labor, or of an idiot for intellectual efforts.
Lack of competency or legal fitness; incapacity; disqualification, as of a person to be heard as a witness, or to act as a juror, or of a judge to try a cause.
A legal determination that a person is unable to handle his own personal or financial affairs
Incompetence is a dystopian novel by Red Dwarf co-creator Rob Grant. It was first published in 2003. It is a murder mystery and political thriller set in a federal Europe of the near-future where no-one can be "prejudiced from employment for reason of age, race, creed or incompitence ".
the intentional or unintentional failure to perform the duties and professional responsibilities of the teaching job in a minimally acceptable manner as specified by the employing district. Incompetence usually results in remediation, reassignment, or dismissal. See Dance of the Lemons, Dismissal, Remediation.