Definitions for "Solicitor"
An attorney or advocate; one who represents another in court; -- formerly, in English practice, the professional designation of a person admitted to practice in a court of chancery or equity. See the Note under Attorney.
A person who is qualified in law and trained to handle legal matters generally. Some solicitors specialise in court appearances but because solicitors also handle other matters they do not usually appear in superior courts (e.g. Supreme Court, Federal Court and High Court).
A member of a legal profession qualified to advise clients on personal and business matters.
the legal representative that will carry out the conveyancing work for your property purchase.
a general legal practitioner, whilst a Licensed Conveyancer specialises in dealing with property issues, often meaning that your move can go through more smoothly and quickly
See Conveyancing.
A person licensed to transact insurance for a licensed insurance agent or broker.
An individual appointed and authorized by an agent to solicit and receive application for insurance as a representative of such agent.
A person authorized by an agent to solicit and receive applications for insurance.
The law officer of a city, town, department, or government; as, the city solicitor; the solicitor of the treasury.
Civil servant who is authorised by law to give reliable confidence in contracts, testimonies and other extralegal activities.
Insurance professional who sells insurance and collects premiums, but cannot issue or countersign policies.
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a petitioner who solicits contributions or trade or votes
A solicitor is the auction participant who is on the opposite side of the initiator's order. If the initiator is a buyer then the solicitor will enter sell orders for the same security.
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an essential part of buying a house
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an interesting provision
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One who solicits.