Definitions for "CONTRIBUTIONS"
Money paid - either by an employer, an individual or a spouse on your behalf - to a superannuation fund.
Amounts which each agency is required to pay from its salary appropriations or other available funds as the Government's share of the cost of the health benefits coverage of its enrolled employees. The Government contribution toward the cost of health benefits for most annuitants is paid from annual appropriations by Congress for this purpose.
The amounts paid into a pension plan. Sometimes called premiums.
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to help needy families in Peabody are also made via Haven from Hunger and Jewish Family Services Food Pantry.
persons in Nova Scotia are entitled to donate (contribute) money to a candidate’s or political party’s campaign. These donations are called contributions or political contributions.
Commonly called condo fees. These are typically set from the annual budget.
This is the amount other parties may contribute towards allowable closing costs, repairs, and prepaid items for a borrower. Other lender restrictions may apply.
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Taxes, Interest, Penalties, Fees and other charges added by Law.