Definitions for "etp"
Employment Training Panel
Eligible Termination Payment. is the name given to the lump sum paid to a person who terminates employment or withdraws from a superannuation fund and which the Tax Office determines to be eligible for concessional tax treatment. While ETPs include payments from a superannuation fund, severance pay (e.g. redundancy) and commutation payments from a pension or annuity, they do not include lump sum payments for unused annual leave or long service leave.
Eligible termination payment. Eligible Termination Payments or ETPs, are payments made to an employee upon retirement, resignation, retrenchment or disablement.
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Abbreviation for a copper refining process called Electrolytic Tough Pitch. This process produces a conductor that is 99.95% pure copper (per ASTM B115) resulting in high conductivity.
Electrolytic Tough Pitch a specific blend of copper material (CDA 110 with oxygen) purchased in wire form to make rivets and contacts from.
Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper. A minimum conductivity of 99.9 percent.
(Jargon Rating= 8) Energy Transfer Platform. Located underfoot, the ETP is a fixed platform integrated into the ski core. Built of composite materials, it “telescopes” pressure evenly to the edges and extremities of the skis. The ETP increases torsional rigidity without increasing stiffness in the tail and rear part of the ski. Ultimately, the ETP gives a lively yet light feel to the ski.
European Technology Platform
Environmental Technical Platform; network formed by SCA to monitor the progress of the European Commission Emissions Trading Scheme and give guidance to the 35 SCA units participating.
exportable training packet(s)
exportable training packet Fahrenheit
exportable training package
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Template Parser module for Perl.
Exception to Policy. Now known as Exception to Rule. Refer to ETR for definition. See Exception to Rule
Elementary Therapeutic Program. The Elementary Therapeutic Program provides educational and therapeutic services to young children in grades K-3 who have not been successful in their school placements. See Elementary Programs.
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Effluent Treatment Plant
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Equal Time Point. Halfway there, by time.
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Emergency Traffic Patrol
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Eastern Tropical Pacific
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Executive target programme
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See Early Test Program.