Definitions for "RRIF"
Registered Retirement Income Fund. A savings arrangement available from most major financial institutions that accumulates contributions and investment earnings on a tax sheltered basis.
Registered Retirement Income Fund. Investors can choose this RRSP maturity option to ensure income for retirement. With a RRIF, investors receive income from the accumulated proceeds of an RRSP and are only taxed on RRIF income as opposed to the complete RRSP savings amount.
Registered Retirement Income Fund. Is a government "Registered Income Retirement Fund," which is set up with proceeds from an "RRSP." In a "RRIF" fund a minimum amount of money must be withdrawn annually. This is done in accordance with a set formula. Contributions to a "RRIF" are not permitted. Under certain conditions, transfers from other registered plans are allowed.
Railroad Rehabilitation Improvement Financing
a special account, with tax and other advantages, in which you can hold certain types of eligible assets