Definitions for "Rehabilitation"
The treatment and retraining of a disabled person with the goal of maximizing independence, often with a team of specialists working together with the patient who had the stroke and with the family members.
(1) In disability income insurance, the process of helping a disabled person return to work, either at her own occupation or at another occupation if she is unable to perform the duties of her own occupation (2) In insurer insolvencies in the United States, a court-ordered process intended to restore a financially troubled company to a financially sound basis - the financially impaired insurer continues to operate and to exist. Contrast with liquidation. See also receivership. TO TOP
the act of rehabilitating or state of being rehabilitated. Rehabilitation is one stated purposes of the U.S. prison system, which is why in most states the system is run by a department called the Department of Corrections. The tension between the need to punish and the need to rehabilitate has always been present in the prison system, and the balance fluctuates from time to time. Currently, because of public fear of crime, there is a swing toward the idea of punishment and retribution (in 1995, for example, the state of Alabama restored chain gangs), and against rehabilitation through programs such as jobs and education. This is in spite of several studies which show that the availability of educational programs reduces the recidivism rate.
Major renovation, rebuilding or repair of a transit vehicle for the purpose of preserving its useful service life. Also refers to cost-effective method to provide affordable housing in communities with a large stock of older housing or structures that could lend themselves more easily to conversion into residential units. Rather than spending limited housing dollars on new construction, subsidies can be directed towards increasing the affordability of existing housing and or improving the habitability of substandard housing. Rehabilitation can also improve the appearance of whole neighborhoods and preserve historical sites for the community.
the act or process of making possible a compatible use for a property through repair, alterations, and additions while preserving those portions or features which convey its historical, cultural, or architectural values.
Refers to repair of a road surface or other related structure. May involve everything from simple patching to replacement of the surface. The result is a surface with conditions similar to those when it was newly made.
A strategy of punishment associated with positivist approaches to criminology. Offenders are understood to be sick; the state attempts to cure them and reintroduce them into society. See also Incapacitation, Retribution, and Deterrence.
Helping convicted offenders change their lives so that they can lead productive lives in society.
Added - 09 Thu March 2006 Rehabilitation offers offenders the chance to change.
The recovery of specific ecosystem services in a degraded ecosystem or habitat.
The alteration, improvement or modification of an existing structure.
The treatment of degraded or disturbed land to achieve a level of production and stability at least equal to that which existed before degradation or disturbance, or to an alternative level of capability.
This refers to the overall process of ensuring that people make the best possible recovery from their stroke. It usually involves help from nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and where appropriate speech and language therapists.
the re-eduction and resocialization of inmates so that they grow to accept society's values and norms
recovery of human function and /or society.
A process whereby previously mined or disturbed areas are returned to a stable, non polluting landform usually through recontouring and seeding.
The process of reclaiming land disturbed by mining to allow an appropriate post-mining use. Rehabilitation standards are defined by country-specific laws including, but not limited to the South African Department of Minerals and Energy, the US Bureau of Land Management, the US Forest Service, and the relevant Australian mining authorities, and address among other issues, ground and surface water, topsoil, final slope gradient, waste handling and re-vegetation issues.
A return to stable health, a positive outlook, and enjoyable activities that make people feel better physically and mentally. A successful rehabilitation program uses medical treatment, counseling, education, diet, and exercise.
Rehabilitation (in Russian: реабилитация) in the context of Soviet or Russian topics is often a linguistic false friend used to translate the Russian term reabilitatsiya as applied to convicted persons (as opposed to the political rehabilitation of party officials). The appropriate terms would be "exoneration" or "exculpation".
The process of helping people change negative behavior into positive behavior.
The process in which defaulted borrowers may make their accounts current and no longer be considered delinquent or in default.
The process of bringing a loan out of default and removing the default notation on a borrower's credit report. To rehabilitate a Direct or FFEL loan, a borrower must make at least nine (9) full payments of an agreed amount within twenty (20) days of their monthly due dates over a ten (10) month period. To rehabilitate a Perkins Loan, a borrower must make twelve (12), on-time, monthly payments of an agreed amount to the Department. Rehabilitation terms and conditions vary for other loan types and can be obtained directly from loan holders.
The upgrading of older sewer systems, constructed in the 1950s or earlier, to present-day standards.
The reworking of existing infrastructure that was capitalized with the original construction or portions thereof, including the upgrading of or replacement of major systems, that extends the useful life of the systems to an expected useful life approaching that of a new system.
vindication of a person's character and the re-establishment of that person's reputation
Helping a person who is under some handicap to resume a satisfactory life.
A change in behaviour so that it becomes acceptable.
The process after that of immediate medical/surgical care by which the patient is assisted in achieving his full physical, cognitive, behavioural, social and occupational potential. The 2 main phases are acute (starting just after initial medical/surgical care) and transitional (bridging the gap back to community re-entry).
the conversion of wasteland into land suitable for use of habitation or cultivation
A wage earner's plan; a type of partial bankruptcy where a debtor keeps property and pays a court-established proportion of a debt.
Therapeutical measures to re-establish health and the ability to work after sickness or accidents.
In communities with a large stock of older housing or other structures that could lend themselves more easily to conversion into residential units, rehabilitation can be a very affordable and environmentally-friendly way to provide more housing, commercial areas, and offices.
All work to bring an existing trail up to its classification standard, including necessary relocation of minor portions of the trail.
A term, usually associated with prisons, that means correcting or preventing future criminal behavior.
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Act of putting back in good functional condition.
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The act of rehabilitating, or the state of being rehabilitated.