Definitions for "Carrying capacity"
the maximum number of organisms that can use a given area of habitat without degrading the habitat and without causing social stresses that result in the population being reduced.
Maximum Population that a Given Ecosystem can Support
The maximum number of individuals of a species than an area can support. Alternatively, the maximum persistently supportable load of an area (Catton 1986 cited in Rees 1996). The carrying capacity of an area is usually constrained by limiting factors – such as water, nutrients, etc. Besides the environmental, the social and the economic dimensions are important in determining the carrying capacity of an area.
The number of animals that a paddock, pasture, or cell can accommodate without overgrazing.
The number of animals that a pasture can properly carry with feed for a certain period of time.
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Salvage Cutting
A quantitative measurment of how much aquaculture production a region can withstand
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This term hasn't been defined yet
The amount of weight your character can carry. The total weight allowed is dependant no your Strength. Obviously the stronger you are the more you can carry.
a biological term referring to how many organisms can survive in a given area with limited resources
Stocking rate at which animal performance goals can be achieved while maintaining the integrity of the resource base.