Definitions for "Ecosystem"
All of the organisms in any system of interest, and the environments that encompass their interactions.
The entire set of relationships between the physical environment and the living populations of plants, animals, and human beings that inhabit the environment and depend upon it for life support. The environment provides living space, energy and raw materials to the biological community, and the community is structured in such a way as to allocate space and the flows of materials and energy among the many species that live together the environment.
A natural system which functions as a unit. It can be anything from a rotting log to the entire planet. It is assemblage of living organisms together with their non-living environment in a particular area.
Mitochondrial DNA (mtdna) Tertiary
Taken from Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002
The relatively stable balance of different species within a particular area. A food chain, usually cyclic and self-sustaining.
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