Definitions for "biotope"
Keywords:  habitat, flora, fauna, biotic, uniform
a region uniform in its environmental conditions and in the types of plants and animals living in it.
Habitat. An area that is naturally distinct as a result of its local climate, soil conditions, flora and fauna.
Non-living components that support the biocoenosis of an ecosystem (more or less equivalent to habitat). The area of relatively uniform environmental conditions and biotypes (living organisms) that are adapted to them.
Or microhabitat (Kenneth, 1975) – area supporting its own distinctive community.
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an area with distinctively different animals and plants
Independent vital space of variable size (often small) characterized by a unique ecology and the presence of the physicochemical conditions necessary for survival of the species constituting the biocenose.
restricted area characterized by specific ecological features
A biotope is the special type of nature in which a plant or animal species lives and is dependent on. A biotope can be a highland deciduous forest, the edge of a ditch, forests near the mountains or another type of nature with special characteristics. When the biotope changes, the living conditions for the individuals living there also change. Many biotopes are changed as a result of human intervention, such as cutting down forests, drainage or eutrophication.
Natural environment of a organism.
a -for animal species- natural environment in al her facets
Taken from Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002