Definitions for "Bioregion"
An area of land which share similar environmental, physical and climatic conditions and contain characteristic ecosystems of plants and animals. Tasmania is divided into nine land bioregions and nine coastal and marine bioregions. Bioregions represent broad landscape patterns that are the result of the interplay between a range of factors including geology, climate and biota. Subregions represent more homogenous geomorphic units at a finer scale that often closely relate to historical and current land-use and therefore, reflect differing pressures on the landscape ( Gouldthorpe & Gilfedder 2002).
an area of land and/or water whose limits are defined by the geographical distribution of biophysical attributes and ecological systems
an area defined by its unique ecologicalcharacteristics
an area that shares similar topography, plant and animal life, and human culture
a continuous natural area such as a mountain range or river system large enough to extend beyond political boundaries.
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