Definitions for "MPa"
Medical Practice Area.
Marine protected area. A marine reserve, park or other area protected from uncontrolled human access and use by the application of various restrictions on activities, development and exploitation.
marine protected area. An area of sea (or coast) especially dedicated to the protection and maintenance of biological diversity, of natural and associated cultural resources( resource), and managed through legal or other effective means.
Maryland Port Administration
Maritime patrol aircraft; also: man-powered aircraft
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.
MicroProcessor Applications International Pty Ltd (101­p;107 Whitehorse Rd, Blackburn. 3130 Victoria). Australian company responsible for international marketing of microBRIAN.
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issing ersons ct
Medidas Penales Alternativas
military performance average; a reflection of a cadet's military standing (similar to GPA for academics)
Management Performance Accelerator. A Management Performance Accelerator is a highlighter of trends in business performance, such as the ERGOMETRICS Dashboard.
ministerial parliamentary aide. A person appointed by the First Minister on a recommendation from Cabinet Ministers, whom they assist in discharging their duties. MPAs are unpaid and are not part of the Executive. Their role and the arrangements for their appointment are set out in paragraphs 4.6 - 4.13 of the Scottish ministerial code. The functions of MPAs are broadly similar to those of parliamentary private secretaries at Westminster.
multiplexing proxy agent. A gateway that accommodates multiple client access. These gateways are sometimes known as Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) gateways when clients access a secure domain using a WAP. Gateways establish a single authenticated channel to the origin server and "tunnel" all client requests and responses through this channel.
See multiplexing proxy agent.
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See Mineral Planning Authority
Maximum Platelet Aggregation
Minerals Planning Authority. The Planning Authority with responsibility for mineral development, i.e. Cornwall County Council.
Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate
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MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I, II or III
MPEG Audio elementary stream, either Layer 1 or Layer 2. Layer 2-only MPEG Audio is sometimes called MP2.
Marinepersonalamt Office for naval personnel
Magazine Publishers of America, an industry association for consumer magazines.
see 'Monash Postgraduate Association'.
Microscopic Particulate Analysis
( Mulliken Population Analysis)
Masters of Public Administration - Acronym/Phrase Description
Master Plumbers Australia
Multi-Pilot Aeroplane
Multi-Professional Assessment Return to the index
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Multiple Project Assurances
Multiple project assurance.
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A non-profit organization for the MULTOS promotion in Japan.
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Merchant Processing Agreement—NOVA must hold a signed merchant agreement before the merchant can process through NOVA.
Motion Picture Association
Maximum Pixels (picture elements, picture details) Across -- (new) My own term for labeling horizontal resolution in terms of the entire screen width. This is to establish a distinction from the traditional lines of resolution measurements across the largest circle that fits in the screen.
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Massage Parlor Attendant
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Dictionary of Color source A: Animal Dye
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Minimum Package of Activities