Definitions for "BUFFER ZONE"
Neutral area that acts as a protective barrier separating two conflicting forces. An area that acts to minimize the impact of pollutants on the environment or public welfare. For example, a buffer zone is established between a composting facility and neighboring residents to minimize odor problems. A buffer strip is a grassed or planted zone that acts as a protective barrier between an area which experiences livestock grazing or other activities and a water body.
An area around a forest, national park, or any other conserved place that provides the local community with products that they would otherwise take from the forest, or that provides an opportunity to produce alternative products.
Area surrounding a restrictive feature (mine, town, ceme- tery, oil or gas well) in which mining is not permitted, i.e., barrier pillar around an active or abandoned underground mine
This describes the number of friends (sometimes no longer after a good viewing) that must be invited to the movie theater to surround you to help prevent other movie goers from suffering the direct effects of 120dB laughter.
These are facilities on some bank accounts whereby you can go overdrawn to a certain limit without being charged and sometimes without paying interest.
A charge-free and sometimes interest-free overdraft on an account.
The space is designated for compounding sterile preparations (see also clean room).