Definitions for "Greenfield"
site An area which has never been developed before, often on the edge of a town. Back to Resources Associated words
is a large block of undeveloped land that is identified for potential intensified land use.
remediation of a contaminated site or facility to a level acceptable for unrestricted future use.
Greenfield is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is bordered by Schenley Park on the north, Squirrel Hill on the east, and Hazelwood on the south. Greenfield is a member of Pittsburgh's 15th ward and is composed of Four Mile Run (Lower Greenfield), adjacent to Hazelwood, Oakland, and Greenfield itself.
Flexible metal conduit through which wires are pulled. Home Improvement Encyclopedia
Flexible metal conduit, used where code demands. Usually inter-changeable with MC cable, but does not come with wire installed in it. A/K/A FLEX
Farmland and open areas where there has been no residential, commercial or industrial activity.
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A new, soft-switched network, often built to replace an existing circuit-switched network (e.g., converting a PBX system to VoIP)
a zero-based analysis starting with NOW
A form of investment in which the firm designs and builds a new factory from scratch, starting with nothing but a
New construction of manufacturing plants
A Greenfield Investment is the investment in a manufacturing plant, office, or other physical company-related structure or group of structures in an area where no previous facilities exist.