Definitions for "Soft"
Easily yielding to pressure; easily impressed, molded, or cut; not firm in resisting; impressible; yielding; also, malleable; -- opposed to hard; as, a soft bed; a soft peach; soft earth; soft wood or metal.
Not rough, rugged, or harsh to the touch; smooth; delicate; fine; as, soft silk; a soft skin.
Hence, agreeable to feel, taste, or inhale; not irritating to the tissues; as, a soft liniment; soft wines.
Can mean low alcoholic content, lack of acidity or the grapes were over-irrigated. See mellow for contrast.
a term describing under-fermented tea.
Cup A bra with a molded cup and no underwire or padding. This lack of structure makes it very comfortable to wear. Most popular with A and B cup sized women.
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Quiet; undisturbed; paceful; as, soft slumbers.
Be quiet; hold; stop; not so fast.
Quiet flavor with little bite, usually a result of under firing or oxidation.
Condition of a turf course with a large amount of moisture. Horses sink very deeply into it.
the condition of a turf track when it is saturated, with unreliable footing
Effeminate; not courageous or manly, weak.
Weak in character; impressible.
Somewhat weak in intellect.
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Belonging to the class of sonant elements as distinguished from the surd, and considered as involving less force in utterance; as, b, d, g, z, v, etc., in contrast with p, t, k, s, f, etc.
Refers to mouthfeel. Like a marshmallow. Contrast with "firm".
Applied to a palatal, a sibilant, or a dental consonant (as g in gem, c in cent, etc.) as distinguished from a guttural mute (as g in go, c in cone, etc.); -- opposed to hard.
See hard. An element will be considered ' soft' if it is large and polarisable e.g. S, Hg, Cu.
lacking in hardness relatively or comparatively
start Sometimes the equipment that you are powering from the power supply has so much inrush current that it will shut down the power supply, or blow a fuse, or cause other damage. In this case you want to use a power supply that has a soft start to gradually increase the output voltage to keep the "out rush" current within a reasonable range.
A description of a price that is gradually weakening
A description of a price which is gradually weakening. Also refers to commodities such as sugar, cocoa, and coffee.
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of sound; relatively low in volume; "soft voices"; "soft music"
used chiefly as a direction or description in music; "the piano passages in the composition"
of speech sounds; characterized by a hissing or hushing sound (as `s' and `sh')
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a hand with an ace being counted as 11 in it.
Any hand where an Ace is counted as 11.
a highly effective moisturising cream for everyday use on your face, body and hands
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A soft or foolish person; an idiot.
metaphorically soft; "my father is a soft touch"; "soft light"; "a soft rain"; "a soft Southern drawl"; "soft brown eyes"; "a soft glance"
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Term describing any part of an image that is not in focus.
Soft describes the condition of a fastener which, though made from a material which can be, and normally is, hardened by heat treatment, has been left in the as-fabricated temper.
Describes an image that is blurred or out of focus. The opposite of sharp.
Not tinged with mineral salts; adapted to decompose soap; as, soft water is the best for washing.
used of beverages; not containing alcohol; "nonalcoholic beverages"; "soft drinks"
Easy to beat/win.
The ball hitting the pins without power; the act of intentionally throwing a shot to cut down on the power; a word to describe a very easy lane condition.
When a line is called soft, the implication is that not many sharp bettors have looked at it. Sharp bettors making big bets tend to move lines to the point where it is difficult for other bettors to make a bet with an advantage.
TISSUE INJURY Injury to the ligaments, tendons and fibers of the body that connect the skeletal bones.
Very closed-in, markedly deficient at the extreme high end.
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Pertaining to or consisting of software.
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a simple but powerful application to read multi-language text files
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an advanced fabric conditioner
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Same as "light".