Definitions for "flat"
Tasteless; stale; vapid; insipid; dead; as, fruit or drink flat to the taste.
Unanimated; dull; uninteresting; without point or spirit; monotonous; as, a flat speech or composition.
Lacking liveliness of commercial exchange and dealings; depressed; dull; as, the market is flat.
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Below the true pitch; hence, as applied to intervals, minor, or lower by a half step; as, a flat seventh; A flat.
A character [þ] before a note, indicating a tone which is a half step or semitone lower.
To depress in tone, as a musical note; especially, to lower in pitch by half a tone.
Refers to a traditional style nappy of a flat square or rectangle shape, which requires folding and pins (or a snappi). These tend to be cotton, Indian cotton, cotton twill, terry toweling or muslin. These can also be used as additional booster or soakers inside other nappies.
A flat piece of painted scenery consisting of a wooden frame covered with stretched fabric, usually canvas.
A lightweight timber frame covered with scenic canvas. Now usually covered with plywood or hardboard and consequently not so lightweight. Most theatres have a range of stack flattage made to a standard size, and re-used many times. A Rail is a horizontal batten within a flat. A Stile is a side or vertical piece within a flat. A Sill is the bottom rail of a flat. See also Book flat.
Film negatives arranged (stripped-up) for making printing plates.
Flat is the assembled composite of digital files ready for platemaking, the final step before printing.
Describes a scene, light, photograph, or negative that displays little difference between dark and light tones.
an area between the outside hash mark and the sideline generally ranging from the line of scrimmage to an area about 5-10 yards down field.
The area on either side of the line of scrimmage between the final offensive lineman and the sideline. An area where short passes are often thrown to running backs coming out of the backfield.
Area of the field on the defensive side of the field that is within close proximity to the line of scrimmage (three to five yards). GRFL pass patterns #1, #2, #3 are considered short patterns into the flat (see Coaches' Tips section for graphic illustration of pass patterns 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0).
A level tract lying at little depth below the surface of water, or alternately covered and left bare by the tide; a shoal; a shallow; a strand.
Shallow tray or box in which numerous very small seedlings are grown.
In the USA, a shallow seed tray.
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Surface with minimal reflection, commonly fewer than seven units of gloss when measured at a 60° angle.
not reflecting light; not glossy; "flat wall paint"; "a photograph with a matte finish"
A piece of mail which exceeds the maximum dimensions for letter-size mail, but does not exceed the following dimensions: 15" long by 12" high by 3/4" thick. A flat may be unwrapped, paper-wrapped, sleeve-wrapped, or enveloped.
A piece of mail that exceeds the dimensions for letter-size mail (6 1/8" x 11 1/2" or more than 1/4" thick).
The general term for non-letter or flat-size mail. These large mail pieces exceed the dimensions for letter-size mail and are specially sorted without bending so that the mail piece remains flat.
Without allowance for accrued interest.
A transaction involving bonds (most income bonds and all obligations for which interest has been deferred) in which accrued interest is not added to the contract price.
A term used to describe bonds traded without accrued interest; they are traded at the agreed-upon market price only. See also Accrued Interest.
Having an even and horizontal surface, or nearly so, without prominences or depressions; level without inclination; plane.
Having a head at a very obtuse angle to the shaft; -- said of a club.
A level surface, without elevation, relief, or prominences; an extended plain; specifically, in the United States, a level tract along the along the banks of a river; as, the Mohawk Flats.
A floor, loft, or story in a building;
a floor of a house, which forms a complete residence in itself; an apartment taking up a whole floor. In this latter sense, the usage is more common in British English.
A building containing a single living unit on each floor, and sometimes referred to by the number of units, such as two flat, four flat. Flats are no longer built, having given way to duplexes, fourplexes, etc.
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A partial deck, usually without camber or sheer.
A term applied to a partial deck built without any camber.
a deflated pneumatic tire
(of a tire) completely or partially deflated
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Wanting relief; destitute of variety; without points of prominence and striking interest.
To make flat; to flatten; to level.
A level area or basin, often applied to mining camps, i.e., Missouri Flat, Smith Flat, China Flat.
Desccribed in the footwork section of the chart, abbreviated "F", or "WF" (for whole foot). Descrito en la sección trabajo de los piés , abbreviatura "F", ó "WF" (referido a todo el pié).
flattened laterally along the whole length (e.g., certain leafstalks or flatfishes)
A section of the perimeter of a wafer that has been removed for wafer orientation purposes.
A car without a roof, the body of which is a platform without sides; a platform car.
The flat part, or side, of anything; as, the broad side of a blade, as distinguished from its edge.
A container with open sides and two end wells.
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When an account has no open positions.
When a trader's position in their account is net zero. That is, the trader's position is neither long nor short.
A dylux paper proof of one or more single-sized images that are stepped into position.
A large brush used for ceilings or walls. Also called a distemper brush.
as in flat brush, ferrule is crimped or flat, used in stroke work, basecoating and shading/highlighting. Various sizes available.
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Lying at full length, or spread out, upon the ground; level with the ground or earth; prostrate; as, to lie flat on the ground; hence, fallen; laid low; ruined; destroyed.
stretched out and lying at full length along the ground; "found himself lying flat on the floor"
parallel to the ground; "a flat roof"
Not sharp or shrill; not acute; as, a flat sound.
Sonant; vocal; -- applied to any one of the sonant or vocal consonants, as distinguished from a nonsonant (or sharp) consonant.
in a forthright manner; candidly or frankly; "he didn't answer directly"; "told me straight out"; "came out flat for less work and more pay"
Flavor characteristic attributable to excessive washing of the butter or to a low percentage of fats or volatile acids and other volatile products that help to produce a pleasing butter flavor.
Deficiency of flavor and aroma
no flavor, no aroma; just “flat”.
A linear subspace.
A nonsegmented linear address space. Selectors in flat model can address the entire 4 gigabytes of addressable memory space. See “segment,” “selector.
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an unpowered narrow barge, a bit like a long floating skip) She was to be working for a couple of weeks on the towpath repairs
This is what happens to a tonic if it sits too long in the open air.
having no depth or thickness
An expansive area of water with a relatively unchanging (flat ) depth, often over a sand or grass bottom. A common water topography for certain species of fish, like bonefish. Common areas in tropical saltwater fishing for targeting tarpon, bonefish, and the like.
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Something broad and flat in form
A straw hat, broad-brimmed and low-crowned.
With its square end for broad, sweeping strokes, a flat offers great freedom and control for painterly effects and backgrounds.
Not having an inflectional ending or sign, as a noun used as an adjective, or an adjective as an adverb, without the addition of a formative suffix, or an infinitive without the sign to. Many flat adverbs, as in run fast, buy cheap, are from AS. adverbs in -ë, the loss of this ending having made them like the adjectives. Some having forms in ly, such as exceeding, wonderful, true, are now archaic.
lowland on a river
A section of river with slow currant and few obstructions
A word describing a level spot, often near a stream or river, that was suitable for a settlement.
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Federal Lead Administrative Trustee. Established by Executive Order 12777, FLATs provide a focal point for addressing natural resource issues associated with a specific incident. The NPFC only accepts NRD Initiate Funding Requests from and normally works directly with the FLAT. State and Tribal Trustees must work through a FLAT. Those State and Tribal Trustees acting in the event of a spill may join with the designated Federal Trustees to name a FLAT.
Clear; unmistakable; peremptory; absolute; positive; downright.
A platform on wheel, upon which emblematic designs, etc., are carried in processions.
A flat spot on the circular tyre of a wheel, usually caused by the wheel skidding along the rail when braking heavily. Causes a characteristic knocking noise and vibration in the vehicle.
A price which is neither rising or falling; here also called sideways.
Sideways correction labeled A-B-C. Subdivides 3-3-5.
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an appartment or a condominium
not made with leavening; "most flat breads are made from unleavened dough"
Refers to the shape of the window. A flat window must be wrapped around the spark guard and will not provide the fit of a formed window. It is not recommended to use .060 Lexan Polycarbonate as a flat window.
To become flat, or flattened; to sink or fall to an even surface.
Generally refers to a matt surface.
against a flat surface; "he lay flat on his back"
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A flat-bottomed boat, without keel, and of small draught.
a rectangular pan with drainage holes in the bottom that can be used for starting lots of seeds at once
the flat bottom of the pipe between the two walls
a much larger square of a diaper and thinner than a prefold
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without pleats
term in Shelley pattern books meaning saucer.
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See Flat Rack
Flat-Rack Container Flat-Bed Trailer
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speaker that accurately reproduces the signal fed to it is called "flat" because that is the shape of its frequency-response curve.
Term used to describe the most accurate tonal balance, indicating that there isn't too much or too little of any frequency range (bass or treble for example). The term comes from the "frequency response" graph that shows this.
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A homaloid space or extension.
A ball that deflects too much; ineffective ball; few revolutions; if a ball comes into the pocket on an apparent good hit but leaves a weak hit such as the 5-7 or 8-10 split, it is said to have hit flat.
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The state of an audio signal or tone whose frequency is unaltered by equalization. On most mixers and equalizers flat is indicated by the tone controls being at dead center.
Virtually indestructible as there is no pile to damage
a response is said to be 'flat' when it varies only minimally from being constant with frequency over a specified range (bandwidth). See equiripple above. ~~~~~ go back with your browser back button. If lost, go home
wholly or completely; "He is flat broke"
The state of an underwriter's account that is completely sold.
a game where you have no chance of winning no matter how dexterous you are
Flat is flat, overall, Fenton produced more flat plates than other companies.
not modified or restricted by reservations; "a categorical denial"; "a flat refusal"
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That flat part between the two halfpipe walls.
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a piece of cork bark that has been pressed to reduce the natural roundness created by the contour of the cork tree
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A large sheet of stiff paper or cardboard on which camera-ready copy has been placed or mounted for printing purposes. Also called a "board" or a "mechanical."
one printed sheet of paper. A flat may be single- or double-sided and contain more than one page.
a residential unit consisting of a room or more with its own utilities (bathroom or water closet), all of which are closed by a door
a residential unit in a block which has no such facilities
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a word applied to most choirs most of the time
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Within tolerance of bow and crown – does not rock or bounce.
a slot machine with a jackpot that is always a fixed amount, as opposed to a progressive type of slot machine.
Cancellation of an insurance policy as of its date of inception, without premium charge.
A structure of two or more housing units. Only interior area of a particular unit is individually owned. All the owners of the individual units jointly own the remainder of the property (land, building and other amenities).
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with flat sails; "sail flat against the wind"
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at full length; "he fell flat on his face"
a cost-effective alternative to a hotel
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See diagram.
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Flat Rental
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Swing that is less upright than normal, and more around the body than up and down.
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Bet A Players original contract bet...usually on the Pass Line or Don't Pass Line before "taking" or "laying" odds.
a set of points which together with any two of its points contains the line passing through them
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Class without jumping.
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A standard size sheet of laminate material which is processed into one or more circuit boards.
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(Leaf tip) (See Also Leaf Tips)
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Flattening at the ends; -- said of certain fruits.
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a very temporary fix
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Flat screen monitor
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In a flat manner; directly; flatly.
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The opposite of firm
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when reading a post, allows you to view all related messages (and their content) on one page.
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Flat price (also clean price) Flat price risk
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not increasing as the amount taxed increases