Definitions for "Length"
The persistance of a wine's finish.
A tasting term, describing how long the flavour of the wine persists on the palate after it has been swallowed. A lengthy persistence of flavour may be taken as a sign of quality, but to time it, as some people do, is going too far.
A wine has "length" if it has a long "finish" or after-taste. It's a sign of quality if you can still taste a wine long after swallowing it.
The longest, or longer, dimension of any object, in distinction from breadth or width; extent of anything from end to end; the longest line which can be drawn through a body, parallel to its sides; as, the length of a church, or of a ship; the length of a rope or line.
A portion of space or of time considered as measured by its length; -- often in the plural.
The dimension of exterior walls parallel to the roof ridge beam and perpendicular to the span of roof rafters or trusses
The length of the boat from the bow to the stern - in feet.
The extreme length of a watercraft, including all fixed parts such as pulpits, rails, davits, swim platforms, etc. Longueur hors-tout in French. This is the measurement you need to determine whether the watercraft will fit in a lock or moorage.
The length measured from the foremost part of the main deck to the rearmost, but excluding any bow or stern projections, such as pulpits, guardrails, davits, swim platforms, etc. Longueur in French. This is the measurement on which license fees and if you are lucky, moorage fees are based.
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The margin equal to the length of one greyhound. Used to denote how far ahead or behind each greyhound is during or after a race. Measuring speed, each length is computed to represent about 7/lOOths of a second.
The margin equal to the length of one greyhound. Used to denote how far ahead or behind a greyhound is during certain points of the race or at the finish.
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The property of an ink or varnish whereby it may be drawn into strings before breaking. The longer the strings the longer is the ink or varnish.
Length usually distinguishes pairs of vowels in a language, such as short // in // pit versus long /i:/ in /pi:t/ Pete.
In canoe design and selection, a significant performace factor. Longer canoes have greater speed, tracking, and carrying capacity; they are preferred for open water. Shorter canoes are more maneuverable and lighter in weight; they are to be preferred for rivers and bushwhacking.
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A length is approximately three metres.
One of the test parameters used when testing Category 5E or Category 6 UTP, FTP or ScTP Permanent Links or channels. For Permanent Link tests, the length should not exceed 90 metres, and for Channel tests the length should not exceed 100 metres. Before testing a site, an important factor to remember is that you have to set up the NVP for the cable. The NVP, or Nominal Velocity of Propagation is a value that the tester uses in its calculation of the cable length. A signal is sent down the length of cable and the measured time (propagation delay) is then multiplied by the NVP value to determine the length of cable. The NVP value is unique to each cable manufacturer, and you should check with them what the value is for their cable. The default NVP on most testers is 72%, but most of the locally produced cable differs from this, so please check it first.
Where the ball pitches down the wicket. Lengths can be generally short, full or good
Used to describe a ball hit down the line or cross court that makes its second bounce and dies near the bottom of the back wall.
Rated on an open ended scale, length describes the realtive length of a bowling ball. Bowling balls with higher numbers will tend to go longer before starting to change direction. Bowling balls with lower numbers will tend to change direction earlier. Length numbers are not intended to place a numerical measurement of length. Using these numbers to try and predict the exact distance between the bowling balls being compared will not neccesarily be reflected correctly. A bowling ball's reaction is determined by many different factors. When choosing a bowling ball it is important to keep those differences in mind. Bowling balls respond to the forces applied to them under certain conditions. A ball designed to hook more may hook less under certain conditions than a ball designed to hook less.
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The quality or state of being long, in space or time; extent; duration; as, some sea birds are remarkable for the length of their wings; he was tired by the length of the sermon, and the length of his walk.
the property of being the extent of something from beginning to end; "the editor limited the length of my article to 500 words"
Extent of the course from one end to the other.
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Length is a very important consideration when choosing a rope. The most common lengths of rope are 50m, 55m and 60m. The most common rope length in the UK is 50m. It is suitable for most climbs found in the UK and is nice and light to carry. A 55m rope gives you a little more flexibility when you just need that extra bit of length! If you plan to take a trip to the Alps then a 60m rope is advisable. Although it is heavier you will find that a lot of the routes require a full 60m length for both the climbs and the abseils. Donâ€(tm)t get caught short, youâ€(tm)ve been warned
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The point at which the longest layers fall contributing to the overall design.
Live: The length of the exposed hose and braid excluding weld rings and fittings. Overall: The total length of the assembly including end fittings.
The overall length of the motor case in millimeters.
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Moulding ordered from a supplier in sticks of eight to 12 feet and stocked in inventory. It is cut to size by the framer after a customer orders a frame of that particular style. Also called "stick moulding."
Eight or nine feet.
Detail or amplification; unfolding; continuance as, to pursue a subject to a great length.
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the span of a flag along the side at right angles to the flagpole.
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For other uses of this word, see Length (disambiguation).
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The amount of wort brewed each time the brew house is in operation.
For the length of a path see path.
the number of edges appearing in the sequence of a path
(of a sequence) the number of elements in the sequence. (Note that if the sequence is a vector with a fill pointer, its length is the same as the fill pointer even though the total allocated size of the vector might be larger.)
The average length of cotton fibre after the ginning process.
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The ability of an ink to flow.
The optimum length of a filament of ink.
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A single piece or subdivision of a series, or of a number of long pieces which may be connected together; as, a length of pipe; a length of fence.
Length is generally not a problem. We have made and transported units over 24m long.
a section of something that is long and narrow; "a length of timber"; "a length of tubing"
continuance in time; "the ceremony was of short duration"; "he complained about the length of time required"
The length of data currently represented by a descriptor.
The type attribute “Length” indicated the length of the variable to the decoder, its form is “cb='len'” where “len” represents the length of the object.
The value may be either in pixels or a percentage of the available horizontal or vertical space. Thus, the value "50%" means half of the available space.
Most of the subject directories include reviews or descriptions of the sites in the database. The approximate average number of lines in length of these descriptions is listed here.
Returns a count of the number of characters in a text value, such as a Text variable.
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the number of cards held in suit.
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See also: Conversion of Units.
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a relationship
To lengthen.