Definitions for "Circumflex"
Keywords:  caret, diacritic, bent, vowel, syllable
A wave of the voice embracing both a rise and fall or a fall and a rise on the same a syllable.
A character, or accent, denoting in Greek a rise and of the voice on the same long syllable, marked thus [~ or ?]; and in Latin and some other languages, denoting a long and contracted syllable, marked [? or ^]. See Accent, n., 2.
To mark or pronounce with a circumflex.
Keywords:  circularly, thigh, veins, shoulder, hip
Curved circularly; -- applied to several arteries of the hip and thigh, to arteries, veins, and a nerve of the shoulder, and to other parts.
Keywords:  round, circuitous, turning, moving
Moving or turning round; circuitous.