Definitions for "Schwa"
in English, the midcentral vowel in an unaccented or unstressed syllable; as the first vowel sound in alone. See also short vowel. the graphic symbol (_) commonly used in phonetic alphabets and pronunciation keys to represent such a vowel.
An unstressed vowel indistinct in pronunciation, often similar to short . In the word garden, the unstressed syllable - den contains the schwa sound. In the word alone, the unstressed syllable - is the schwa sound. The schwa sound is represented by the symbol .
the vowel sound heard at the beginning of the word about and represented by the symbol /a/ and any of the vowel letters (carrot, alone)
Schwa is the underground conceptual artwork of Bill Barker (b.1957). Barker draws deceptively simple black and white stick figures and oblong alien ships. However the artwork is not about the aliens: it is about how people react to the presence of the aliens and Barker uses them as a metaphor for foreign and unknown ideas.