Definitions for "Phoneme"
The smallest meaningful unit of speech that, if altered, changes the meaning of the word. Return to
The smallest unit of sound in the phonological struc­ture of a lan­guage which changes meaning, usually symbolized by oblique slashes. Exam­ples: /b/; /p/; /ò/ (for English sh). In practice a phoneme is real­ized by variants called allo­phones, usually sym­bol­ized by square brackets, such as [b] in Spanish Barcelo­na and [ß] in saber for the /b/ phoneme, or [e], [], [å] and [] for differ­ent realizations of the /e/ phoneme. See also phone.
The minimal unit of meaningful sound to a native speaker of any given language.
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a vocal gesture that can be heard
The phoneme element provides a phonemic/phonetic pronunciation for the contained text.