Definitions for "Onset"
A setting about; a beginning; -- used especially of diseases or pathological symptoms.
To set about; to begin.
The part of a syllable before the first vowel sound. For example, in the word dog, /d/ is the onset.
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The design of a head in which the leading edge of the blade or face is forward of the leading edge of the hosel.
the opposite of offset; the clubface is positioned in front of the hosel and shaft; very few clubs, with the exception of some putters, are onset.
The leading edge of the club face sits forward of the hosel
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A rushing or setting upon; an attack; an assault; a storming; especially, the assault of an army.
To assault; to set upon.
(military) an offensive against an enemy (using weapons); "the attack began at dawn"
The time in a substorm between the growth phase and breakup phase when the aurora changes from a stationary arc or auroral oval to an active aurora that expands both toward the poles and the equator.
Phase, stage.
the beginning or early stages; "the onset of pneumonia"
Defines the time when a disease begins (early onset, late-onset).
Defines time of life when Alzheimer’s disease begins (e.g., early-onset, late-onset).
time of first subjective symptom noticed by patient which later is confirmed by examination
The time of appearance of the first symptoms of a condition, prior to seeking diagnosis.
The first noticeable symptoms leading to a migraine. For most, headache pain is the first sign.
Anything set on, or added, as an ornament or as a useful appendage.
Regarding Wire Doors: The wire door frame sets or rests in front of the side panels.
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Terminology referring to the start of a job.