Definitions for "AuRoRa"
AuRoRa ist eine elektronische Variante des �beraus coolen Brettspiels RoboRally. Ein kleiner Roboter muss so programmiert werden, dass er m�glichst schnell von einem Checkpoint zum anderen kommt.
The rising light of the morning; the dawn of day; the redness of the sky just before the sun rises.
The rise, dawn, or beginning.
Aurora 歐若拉 is Angela Chang's second Chinese album.
Aurora is the sophomore album of post-rock band Esmerine. It was released by Madrona Records in 2005.
Susumu Hirasawa and released on February 25 1994. Of note is that some of Hirasawa's later albums included different versions of several of these songs. For example the song Aurora itself was later released in Solar Ray as Aurora 2 on 2001, and later rereleased as Aurora 3 in 2006.
Prix Aurora Awards. Canadian SF/Fantasy Award (formerly known as the Casper) Born
Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier) is a fictional character, a Canadian superheroine in the Marvel Comics universe. She first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #120 as a member of Alpha Flight. She is the twin sister of Northstar and the former lover of Sasquatch.
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The satellite distribution system used by Cable and Wireless Optus to deliver the bulk of the ABCís state and regional programs for TV and radio services across Australia.
Aurora is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Luzon region. Its capital is Baler and borders, clockwise from the south, the provinces of Quezon, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, and Isabela. To the east of Aurora is the Philippine Sea.
The Aurora GO Station is a train and bus station in the GO Transit network located on Wellington Street East between Yonge Street and Bayview Avenue in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. It is a stop on the Bradford line train service, and connects with York Region Transit local bus routes, and the GO Express Bus between Newmarket Terminal (YRT) GO Union Station / Bus Terminal.
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Loveland Denver Arvada
The Aurora (Russian: Авро́ра; English transliteration: Avrora) is a Russian protected cruiser, currently preserved as a museum ship in St. Petersburg. She became a symbol of the Communist Revolution in Russia.
Aurora is a modular, multiportal, multilanguage Java-based content management system running on top of a JBoss application server connected to a database server via Hibernate. Published content can be plain HTML, PHP, JSP, ...
Slime boat taking part in a race on Vallauris. The Legacy crew accidentally found themselves on the boat and guided it to third place in the race, despite the loss of the captain and several crew overboard. [ 23
Aurora is a electronic music project by Sacha Collision and Simon Greenaway.
Aurora is a commercial programming language featuring an integrated development environment, an advancedcompiler, assembler and linker Aurora Development Website,
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A species of crowfoot.
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Aurora is an Italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments, fountain pens, paper and leather goods, founded in 1919 by a rich textile merchant. Their products represent the first true Italian fountain pens and are still manufactured in their original factory in Turin.
a uranium explorer and developer focused on the Central Mineral Belt in coastal Labrador
Next generation Linux Operating System for the enterprise and public. Reliable solutions for the internet, datacenter, security, office and entertainement.
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chili-colored. (1809)
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a international airport
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The main Case web server is called Aurora. This is the actual machine that is on. For most people, you don't really need to know it exists. Back to the top
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The IBM internal code name for Warp Server for e-Business.