Definitions for "Sunset"
The descent of the sun below the horizon; also, the time when the sun sets; evening. Also used figuratively.
Hence, the region where the sun sets; the west.
( SUN·set). The point in time that the upper limb of the sun disappears below the horizon.
Has two distinct uses, one of which is in the correct, original sense, and one of which needs to be changed to a new name. Originally, Sunset used for lagoonal facies (medium to thick-bedded, shale-poor, micritic limestones) of the C4 sequence in central Kentucky. There, it is mapped as the fifth member of Ashlock Formation, is underlain by the Terrill Member, and overlain by the Reba Member. The Sunset was later expanded to include deep-subtidal facies (thin to medium-bedded, micrite-poor skeletal storm beds and shale) of northern Kentucky, southwestern Ohio, and southeastern Indiana. This latter usage is sometimes placed in quotes, to avoid confusion with the true Sunset near its type area in central Kentucky. The Sunset in Ohio and Indiana is mapped traditionally as a member of the Arnheim Formation, overlies the Mount Auburn Formation and is overlain by the Oregonia Member of the Arnheim Formation.
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Sunset is a 1988 western film released by Tri Star Pictures. Written and directed by Blake Edwards, the movie stars Bruce Willis as legendary western actor Tom Mix and James Garner as legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. The story is based on Rod Amateau's novel Sunset, which was loosely based on the fact that Earp actually did serve as technical adviser for some early silent westerns.
Sunset is a lifestyle magazine in the United States. Sunset focuses on interests regarding homes, cooking, gardening, and travel, with a focus almost exclusively on the Western United States. The magazine is published 12 times per year by the Sunset Publishing Company, part of Southern Progress Corporation, itself a subsidiary of Time Warner.
'Sunset' is the twelfth track of Synchestra by The Devin Townsend Band.
a natural wonder that makes cents" "Boredom is self-inflicted , sometimes advert distraction cause "flash boredom"
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a bird flying -Emily S
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an N64 emulator
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a Sunrise on the other side of the world
providing for termination; "a program with a sunset provision"
The periodic review of statutes controlling advisory committees and agencies exercising the state's power for regulation. Committees and agencies under sunset are terminated automatically by specific dates unless their life has been extended by legislative action. (See sections 2-3-1203 and 24-34-104, C.R.S.)
The expiration date of a legislative measure.
Erroneous Term Based on False Perception of Sun/Earth Relationship
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a pretty sight,
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the time that the sun is last seen in the sky in the evening from a particular location
Flag lowering ceremony at the end of the evening
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a beautiful thing
of a declining industry or technology; "sunset industries"
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a reasonable step here
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v. To withdraw support for a product or a range of products.
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A term referring to the 'phasing out' of a bill.