Definitions for "Products"
Two publications result from the survey, an Advance and Final report. The Advance Report is a preliminary report that displays capacity utilization rates, both full and emergency, at the U.S. and 3-digit NAICS subsector levels. The Final Report is more detailed and displays capacity utilization rates, both full and emergency, at the U.S., 3, 4, 5 and 6-digit NAICS industry levels. The Advance Report is produced based on approximately 70% response and the Final is based on approximately 80%. The Final publication is produced approximately 12 months from the end of the reference year.
a progressive Australian Company specialising in innovative automotive diagnostic equipment design and manufacture
The Annual Benchmark Report for Retail Trade and Food Services is released annually each spring. This report contains estimates of annual sales, per capita sales, gross margins, monthly and year-end inventories, sales/inventory ratios, merchandise purchased, gross margin/sales ratios, and accounts receivable balances for the U.S. by kind of business. Comparable statistics are shown for the previous year, along with year-to-year percentage changes. Monthly data, both seasonally adjusted and unadjusted, for the most recent 10 years are also presented.
This is the mixture of molecules that result from the oxidation and decomposition of the fuel during the combustion process. Products can be divided into two classes: major species that are present in large amounts (greater than 1%) and minor species that are present in small amounts (usually much less than 1%). For hydrocarbon fuels burned in air, the major products are a mixture of water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), molecular hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen (N2). Minor species include hydroxyl radical (OH), atomic oxygen (O), atomic hydrogen (H), methylidyne (CH), nitric oxide (NO), formaldehyde (CH2O).
an option, but because these acids are not oil-soluble, they are not considered as effective as BHA for treating psoriasis lesions
Refined substances made from crude oil. Gasoline, fuel oil, butane and a host of various other petroleum products that we transport in pipelines.
Articles of substance produced by manufacture or other means (e.g. new plant cultivars), or objects which otherwise embed information (eg software, plans, blueprints).
A thing or substance produced by manufacture.
manufactured products (standard and custom), administrative/ information products (invoices, letters, etc.), and service products (physical, intellectual, physiological, and psychological). Products are defined by a statement of requirements; they are produced by one or more people working in a process. Product Improvement: To change the statement of requirements that defines a product to make the product more satisfying and attractive to the end user (more competitive). Such changes may add to or delete from the list of attributes and/or the list of functions defining a product. Such changes frequently require the process to be changed. NOTE: This process could result in a totally new product.
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a division of Eli Lilly and Company (NZ) Ltd
a growing phenomenon around the world as even democratic governments ignore their own populations to support unpoular USA foreign policis
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The Processing Facility produces zinc as slab, jumbo, shot and powder in varying grades and specifications. Zinc slab is the general commodity grade metal for which the market prices are quoted on the LME. The Processing Facility's other zinc products command a premium over the quoted LME commodity grade zinc price and therefore higher margins are realized on these products.
Collections of subproducts and filesets. The SD-UX software object that directly relates to the software purchased by the user.
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a HUGE challenge and that is my biggest challenge
a peruvian company established by Dr
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Sometimes you get a call from the desk, to buy some specific brand of orange juice (usually whilst on a boring door step) and photograph it. Normal routine is to stand it on a convenient wall, and monster it.
a comic book series (details below)
are the individual items that you sell on your opportunities. You can create a product and associate it with a price in a price book. Each product can exist in many different price books with many different prices. A product that is listed in a price book with an associated price is called a price book entry.
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The things created by reactants.
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Items made from raw or recycled materials; people buy and use these items everyday.
Materials in final processed form or created by the combination of two or more different materials. There are two main types of products: Intermediate: A product that is further processed or incorporated into another product before being sold to the consumer. Final: A product that does not require further processing and can be sold in its current form to the consumer.
The actual item purchased through the transaction between the Consumer and the Vendor.
Generic term for life assurance, pensions, savings and investment policies.
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no title | 1.2 Products
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Goods or services produced in the production process.
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See Products and Services.