Definitions for "activator"
any agency bringing about activation; (Biol.) a molecule that increases the activity of an enzyme or a protein that increases the production of a gene product in DNA transcription.
A DNA-binding protein that increases the rate of transcription initiation at a promoter.
A regulartory molecule that binds to a controlling element and positively stimulates one or more genes.
A substance that is used in a dye bath to fix the dye. It changes the PH of a dye bath to enable the necessary chemical reaction. Examples are: the use of Soda Ash with fiber reactive dyes on cellulose fibers: or using white vinegar, citric acid or acetic acid in a hot bath with Acid Dyes on protein fibers. Also referred to as an "assistant".
a catalyst or curing agent
a substance, other than the catalyst itself or one of the substrates, that increases the rate of an enzyme-catalysed reaction, and it is said to bring about activation
Particle in a fluorescent substance that causes the substance to glow when exposed to ultraviolet light.
Activators are additives to the compost pile which contain a nitrogen source or sugars. Their purpose is to increase microbial activity. Generally, adequate nitrogen organic waste is the only activator needed. If you have insufficient nitrogen, a substance like cottonseed meal may be added to encourage decomposition.
Used in composting to stimulate biological activity. Because they are usually high in nitrogen, activators feed microorganism; they might also contain other decay organisms which become introduced to the compost via the activator.
Compound added to flux to increase flux efficacy – often a halide or a weak organic acid. (removes oxide)
Shock or MPS (Monopersulfate), used as an oxidizer for sanitation of spas.
One or more ingredients in a flux that create a wettable surface for solder, by removing oxides and possibly other contaminants when coming into contact with the metal on the parts to be soldered. These ingredients may or may not be corrosive at room temperature, but certainly must be active at elevated temperatures in order to perform their job properly. Activators are typically organic solids and organo-halides.
See Accelerator
A chemical ingredients that is specifically added to hair bleach to speed up the action of the bleach without unnecessarily damaging the hair. Also referred to as Booster, Bleach Boosters or Bleach Accelerators.
Compounding material used in small proportion to increase the effectiveness of an accelerator.
a two-dimensional instrument, and can only apply a linear force
a type of hand held adjusting instrument that imparts a high speed, low aplitude thrust to correct misalignments on a more accurate vector
Classified as a light force technique, which was designed by Dr. Arlan Fuhr. It employees a small hand held instrument which delivers a quick and precise adjustment to the spine to help reduce subluxations.
aglet ANTLR Ashkelon autorun manager
nTitles software that runs on the end user's computer to manage licensing and activation, and monitor ongoing use of software to ensure proper licensing is always in effect.
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a sign which tells the batter that the next sign is the real sign
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a hyperlink or a form field that activates code on the server
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a feature value for another feature