Definitions for "Sorption"
processes including adsorption and absorption, by which contaminants attach themselves to solid particles, thereby retarding their transport or movement.
The action of soaking up or attracting substances; process used in many pollution control systems.
Noncommittal term used instead of adsorption or absorption when it is difficult to discriminate experimentally between these two processes. Gold, Loening, McNaught and Sehmi, 1987
The uptake of a fumigant by any material being treated with a fumigant. This may be reversible (unchanged fumigant may be released on airing) or irreversible (leading to residues of fumigant or breakdown of products in the commodity).
Keywords:  ion, solute, fixation, molecule, solid
The attachment of dissolved ions to rock minerals, generally by electromagnetic bonding forces.
reversible fixation of an atom or a molecule on a solid surface
General term for the interaction (binding or association) of a solute ion or molecule with a solid.
Keywords:  migrate, solution, attach, walls, drugs
The process where drugs migrate from the IV solution and attach to the walls of the IV containers.