Definitions for "Drugs"
see Controlled Substance.
Unhealthy habit forming substances ranging from sugar to crack.
an enduring habit
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(98) - indicates the presence of a description of a drug; includes nursing and other healthcare personnel considerations and patient information [listed in electronic versions only].
Many drugs, both legal and illegal, can affect your eyes and vision. These include eyedrops, other topical eye medications, pills and more. Symptoms can include blurred vision, burning, dry eyes, eyelash loss, floaters, halos around lights, light sensitivity, pupils that are dilated, small or unresponsive to light, peripheral or general vision loss and jaundice.
Mexico is under Napoleonic law, which means you are GUILTY until proven innocent - got the picture
This is a drug free site. Anyone promoting drugs will be banned. See Site Guidelines, Staying safe while clubbing
There are many drugs commonly used by people that are potentially dangerous to animals, for example, the improper use of aspirin can be fatal to cats. Please consult your veterinarian before administering medications. Here is a list of common medications which have been proven safe to animals in the doses specified. See our list of drugs that are generally considered safe for use with your pet.
The drugs for which tests are required under this part and DOT agency regulations are marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, phencyclidine (PCP), and opiates.
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are chemicals used to treat illness.
driving under the influence of drugs or narcotics is, in most jurisdictions, treated similarly to driving under the influence of alcohol. Some states have statutes dealing exclusively with this offense, while others cover it with alternative language in comprehensive drunk driving statutes.
First Line Agent: A drug considered to be the first choice to treat a specific condition. Second Line Agent: A drug that is used to treat a specific condition if the first line agent fails, or if a patient is unable to take the first line agent.
There is no drug that can cure Autism. However, some drugs can be used to help associated problems such as sleeping difficulties, hyperactive behavior etc.
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a criminal offence
A "no tolerance" policy against the use of non-prescribed drugs is maintained on all yachts.
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Any mineral, plant, liquid or animal part could be used in treatment of diseases by Romans.
In the United States, medicinal products used for the treatment of diseases.
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