Definitions for "Drug"
Any animal, vegetable, or mineral substance used in the composition of medicines.
Any commodity that lies on hand, or is not salable; an article of slow sale, or in no demand; -- used often in the phrase "a drug on the market".
any stuff used in dyeing or in chemical operations.
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To drudge; to toil laboriously.
A drudge (?).
a tool, like a microscope, a telescope, or a radio
a tool, like a mircoscope, a telescope, or a radio
To dose to excess with, or as with, drugs.
Medication taken for an illness. Common words include: Dose - the amount of medicine a person takes Route - the path the medicine takes to get to the part of the body that needs it. Examples of different rountes are oral (taken by mouth), inhaled (breathed in), and intravenous (into the vein).
The phenyethylene and anandamide contained in chocolate have anti-depressant properties. This does not mean however that chocolate should be designated as a drug. You would actually have to eat 11 kg of chocolate per day before experiencing withdrawal symptoms
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a nice, pat solution which only leaves a person numbed and less able to cope rationally with his or her life situations
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a tablet, capsule,
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a matter that might reflect on the individual in a way that isn't the case with someone who experimented at university
a vicious trap, I hope she gets better soon and finds her OWN way in life
a violent way of bringing about sleep
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a real potion
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When phrases such as "drug use," "drug policies," "alcohol and other drugs (AOD)" are used in this survey, the terms are meant to include tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.
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an inanimate object and therefore cannot be dangerous
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A unique form of a medication as identified by form, strength, and package size, and representing a branded or generic product approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and assigned a National Drug Code (NDC).
To tincture with something offensive or injurious.
An agent that affects a biological process. Specifically, a molecule whose molecular structure can be correlated with its pharmacological activity.
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an inert thing
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a miracle in comparison with how long it used to take or not to take as the case may be
an active product that combats an illness but is not always harmless for your organism
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use recreational drugs
a stimulus that will act upon an organism, then under the correct circumstances, the organism produces a response
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an implementation detail
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a growing, dynamic company and we want only the best people to achieve our goals
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a definite bar to entry
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a special good