Definitions for "Detail"
To provide with fine or intricate added decoration.
Intricate stonework or woodwork carved to provide relief or a motif to a chimneypiece or fireplace. Here we see a floral roundel detail design to be found on classic regency fireplaces and mantels.
Design components with high definition or intricate work.
Resolution or definition; the clarity of a picture
a section of the diagram that has been enlarged, so that tiny parts can be seen more clearly
(or "sound detail") - The clarity and distinctness of all components of sound coming through a set of headphones (or other speakers). With "optimal detail", a listener can hear clearly all distinct instruments playing a composition.
A minute portion; one of the small parts; a particular; an item; -- used chiefly in the plural; as, the details of a scheme or transaction.
A narrative which relates minute points; an account which dwells on particulars.
The selection for a particular service of a person or a body of men; hence, the person or the body of men so selected.
Generic term for a special assignment,such as a stakeout, pursuit of suspects, perimeter control, special event crowd control, etc.
a temporary military unit; "the peace-keeping force includes one British contingent"
assign to a specific task; "The ambulances were detailed to the fire station"
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A normal audit occurs when a CPA comes into the office, reviews the accounts, prepares the annual financial statements, and certifies the integrity of the books with specific notes. This kind of audit is currently conducted each year at the NAWS, and its results are published in the World Services annual report. performance audit is more complicated, more time-consuming, and vastly more expensive. The accountants come in, review NAWS financial policies, then track through every aspect of everything the office does that has to do with either incurring expense, paying out money, or receiving payment. Once they've completed their job, they issue a comprehensive report and set of recommendations on NAWS financial procedures along with the ordinary statements and certification. No performance audit has yet been conducted of NAWS.
The subtlest, most delicate parts of the original sound, which are usually the first things lost by imperfect components. See "low-level detail." Compare "haze," "smearing," "veiling."
A minor part, as, in a building, the cornice, caps of the buttresses, capitals of the columns, etc., or (called larger details) a porch, a gable with its windows, a pavilion, or an attached tower.
A graphic representation of a part, usually at a larger scale than the design to which it belongs.
A detail drawing.
A drawing showing an element, or a small portion of the building.
Information added to a drawing to provide specific instruction with a drawing, dimensions, notes, or specifications.
Commonly used to describe the cleanup and other in depth reconditioning of a used car.
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an extra piece of information that helps make the subtopic clearer
What a dealership generally does to a used vehicle. This is the process of thoroughly cleaning it, inside and out, to make it presentable for sale.
the presentation of a product to a physician by a sales representative.
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Refers to the appearance of texture or substance in an image. Photographs have high levels of detail in the mid tone areas and progressively lose detail in the highlights and shadows.
Any and all parts of an image with distinguishable characteristics due to differences in hue, saturation and/or tone. For example, smooth, single color paper will have no detail. Coarse paper will have detail because the coarseness causes variations in tone (and possibly hue) which gives the perception of texture.
a kind of magic token/argument which is passed around during signal emission and which is used by closures connected to the signal to filter out unwanted signal emissions
All the topographical information on the map.
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The first NASA photos showed Mars' surface, in clear detail.
an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole; "several of the details are similar"; "a point of information"
a small part that can be considered separately from the whole; "it was perfect in all details"
See: fact table.
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a portion of the text that develops, explains, or supports the main idea
a small element or item used to support a main idea. return
An adjustment that enhances/improves image sharpness.
The sharpness of a display from a video source.
The last field in an event specification for a translation, normally used to specify which key must be pressed.
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See Fitting detail
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provide details for