Definitions for "Comp"
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Compiler - one who puts together materials gathered from several sources into a single book, such as an anthology of short stories.
The preliminary assembly of a book, brochure, or catalogue. It is a kind of proof of the size, format, and paper of the final piece to see how the final product will look. Also called mock-up or dummy.
Short for comprehensive. A mockup of a particular design project, using rough design elements to better visualize the finished work.
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Free accommodation, food, etc given by casinos to players it considers valuable.
Abbreviation for complimentary. Complimentary tickets are free and are usually given to performers, event organizers, members of the press, contributors and VIPs.
Complimentary services provided to players by the casino in exchange for gaming action of the player.
rehensive Trip Log (CTL): The Comprehensive Trip Log (CTL) Form (CIWMB 203) is a triplicate form containing three (3) tear-off receipts for waste/used tire pick up or delivery transactions. This form replaced the California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Manifest Form (CIWMB 647) and the California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Trip Log (CIWMB 648) in August 2005.
( or Computational) Computers perform arithmetic computations most efficiently using native binary numbers. Also, it is usually more efficient to store numeric values in their native binary format rather than to store them in human readable base ten format. If the number is stored in its native binary format it can be input from a file and used directly. If it is stored in a base ten format it will need to be converted to a binary format before performing arithmetic computations. It will then be necessary to convert it back to base ten for storage to a file(most COBOL compilers will generate the code to do this conversion based on the field definitions so it is not necessary for the programmer to explicitly write code to do format conversion). Refer to BINARY in this glossary or for more information.
jazz slang for accompany, often with harmonically acute, rhythmically disquieting piano chords
cv Fieldwork skills: using a hand-bearing compass and clinometer Fieldwork skills: using a hand-bearing compass and clinometer
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Computer-related information and discussion (for example, comp.bugs.sys5).
A type of newsgroup that discusses topics about computers.
Comprehensive - takes all pupils, usually regardless of their ability, aptitude, or whether they have been selected for a place at a selective school.
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everything computer related
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Completed passes per game. A column in the basic stats table.
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Compact Disc Compact Flash
an actual sale that shows what a real buyer getting a real loan has paid in that neighborhood
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Completion (a successful pass).
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compensation benefits
Also known as a comparable, property similar to subject property used as a basis of comparison in market data appraising method.
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A meeting industry term means complementary.
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Computer software.
compiled by or compiler; a person who puts together a work composed of other individual works.
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Contracted Out Money Purchase
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see Composite property
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See Comparable.