Definitions for "LONGSHOT"
Big underdog.
The longshot is a team or player that is not expected to win and has high odds placed upon them. The payout on winning a wager on the longshot is usually high.
A roll where the odds are clearly against it (i.e.. 17-1 or 35-1). You typically can not worry about being hit with a longshot as the probability is very low.
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Longshot is a fictional character a Marvel Comics superhero best known as a member of the X-Men. He was created by writer Ann Nocenti and artist Art Adams.
Longshot is an episode of X-Men: The Animated Series. It originally aired on October 5 1996.
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Longshot: The Movie (2000) is a teen film directed by Lionel C. Martin. It was not shown in theaters, but rather was released as a video and DVD only available through the film's web site.
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