Definitions for "Martingale"
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A strap fastened to a horse's girth, passing between his fore legs, and fastened to the bit, or now more commonly ending in two rings, through which the reins pass. It is intended to hold down the head of the horse, and prevent him from rearing.
A lower stay of rope or chain for the jib boom or flying jib boom, fastened to, or reeved through, the dolphin striker. Also, the dolphin striker itself.
Piece of training equipment designed to fix a horse's head position. Common types include running, standing, and German. Strap from cavesson to girth to keep horse from throwing its head up, or from hames to girth to help back load.
A short perpendicular spar, under the bowsprit end, used for guying down the head stays.
A short perpendicular spar extending from a bowsprit and used for counteracting the pull of headstays
spar under the bowsprit of a sailboat
a stochastic process that satisfies , where denotes the information set at time t and includes knowledge of all past 's up to time t ,
a stochastic process where the best estimate for its value at a future time is the current value
a stochastic process which has no drift
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A tape or leather loop, attached to the grip to prevent a foil from flying out of the fencer's hand.
In non-electrical fencing, a short strap around the handle and grip intended to restrain the weapon from being lost and to keep it in a safe position.
The finger-strap attached to the french-grip handle of an ordinary, non-electric foil.
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The act of doubling, at each stake, that which has been lost on the preceding stake; also, the sum so risked; -- metaphorically derived from the bifurcation of the martingale of a harness. Called also Martingale strategy. Such a betting strategy does not change the overall likelihood of winning, but in a short run it increases the probability of winning a small sum, balancing it against an increased probability of losing a large sum.
A betting system in which the player starts with a small wager on an even money game. If he wins he stops playing. If he loses he doubles his bet. If he wins the second bet he walks with a profit of his original wager. If he loses the second bet he doubles his wager again. The player will keep doubling his wager as long as he keeps losing. The ultimate result will either be a net win equal to his original wager or a loss of his entire bankroll. The Martingale is one of the oldest and certainly the most famous betting system. I personally I have seen players using it at Internet casinos numerous times. It is deceptive in the short run because it usually does win. However in the long term it loses, as all betting systems do. The big losses eventually add up to more than all the small wins.
This is a betting system based on 'doubling up'.
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Rigging , Parts Mast Rigging , Parts
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an extension of the concept of a fair game