Definitions for "Spanner"
Keywords:  wrench, nut, bolt, spannen, spannan
An iron instrument having a jaw to fit a nut or the head of a bolt, and used as a lever to turn it with; a wrench; specifically, a wrench for unscrewing or tightening the couplings of hose.
a hand tool that is used to hold or twist a nut or bolt
a wrench fire fighters use
A component used to connect the endwall post (column) to the endwall roof purlins.
In a table, a column head with subheads beneath it.
Spanner provides a system for remote voting and a way to create issues to be voted on. A prototype is as far as it got before being curbed, I think the idea is sound but the workload is too great for one developer who has to code all day anyway! Project
Keywords:  carbine, fusee, lock
The lock of a fusee or carbine; also, the fusee or carbine itself.
A contrivance in some of the earlier steam engines for moving the valves for the alternate admission and shutting off of the steam.
a social product, but it is made of materials with properties that exist independently of human praxis
Spanner was a British journal on non-market socialism.
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One who, or that which, spans.