Definitions for "Prototype"
An original or model after which anything is copied; the pattern of anything to be engraved, or otherwise copied, cast, or the like; a primary form; exemplar; archetype.
Prototype has several meanings, but typically refers to real-world trains (in contrast to scale models of them) and equipment. Also called 12"-to-the-foot. However, it can also mean the first item in a series, which meaning is often applied to equipment built as tests by real railroads. RERAIL FROG A rerail-frog is a kind of a metal ramp thing that is used to help re-rail a car or engine that has gone off the track but not wandered too far away or overturned. It is temporarily spiked, wedged or clamped next to the rail at the wheel that needs to be lifted back over the rail and then the car is pushed or pulled by the engine to get the wheel to ride up over the ramp and back onto the track. Typically in branch line service you would see these dangling from the sides of the tender along with some chains or cables. More tools including jacks, levers, wrenches for splice bolts and so on might be kept in the caboose or stashed on the engine.
an original model on which something is formed
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a first full-scale and usually functional form of a new type or design
The original design, often the piece initially shown to dealers when they place orders. uarterly The original name for Celebrations, Department 56's magazine. etired Buildings and accessories that are no longer being produced and will not be in the future.
a mock-up or draft of a Web site or part of a Web site
an immature partial implementation of all or part of an application or component. See also evolutionary prototype and throw-away prototype. See also requirements prototype.
a Mockup if it can show the interface to the user, but is not useful to the user
a multiple-context memory device, which supports background partial loading of inactive contexts
an estimated audience developed for an unmeasured magazine which is created by using existing data from measured a measured magazine(s) that may be similar in a variety of ways (e.g. editorially, demographic composition, circulation). This "calibrated" mix of data (prototype) is then used in syndicated research runs used for media planning purposes.
A mix of data combining known demographics, circulation and other information to create new content that can be used in syndicated research runs used for media planning purposes.
The original or best example(s) of a program or practice (e.g., the prototype program that was the subject of the original research en route to developing an evidence base for its effectiveness and utility).
Prototype was the name of two characters from Malibu Comics' Ultraverse. The original Prototype was Bob Cambell, who was replaced by the second Prototype, Jimmy Ruiz. These events happened before the first issue of Prototype and Ruiz was then the first Prototype revealed to the readers.
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The typical example of a category of (e.g., a robin is a prototypical bird).
a combination of all the possibilities in a category of identity, a multiplicity of possible configurations, out of which the individual identity will eventually emerge
a conceptual structure, which is able to subsume most, if not all members of a linguistic category to varying degrees
a small-scale implementation (to limit complexity and time required) that will server as a proof-of-concept for a larger software project
A thermoformed representation of the proposed part formed over a wood, epoxy or machined aluminum pattern with a hand trimmed flange showing the design concept as well as the finished size. REGISTER: The fitting of two or more printing images in exact alignment with each other. Cross hair lines or bull-eyes marks are used to determine registration.
the best representative of a concept. (312)
a list of characters in parentheses that tell the parser how to treat arguments to the function
see function prototype
More correctly, function prototype. A declaration of a function which describes the type of its parameters. (defined by ANSI). e.g. int FuncCall( int Parm1, char *Parm2 );
an object which can be used as a template for creating new objects
a template of properties that is shared by all instances of the object type
Generally the Biometric template of a trained user. In BioID, a prototype contains all necessary data to enable a classifier to classify a specific person. Result of a training process.
A self-describing object that may extend or be extended by other objects.
a description of the structure and content of a data object that may
an object that supports cloning
a sample section of a proposed e-learning course. The prototype may be prepared online, working fully or partially. Or the prototype may be prepared on paper, with figures resembling completed screens. Sponsors and potential learners can review the sample section and offer suggestions for making it more effective.
an actual metal sample of your collectible
a portable biodetection instrument that analyzes biological samples for the presence of specific DNA sequences that serve as fingerprints of specific pathogens
Prototype is the 29th episode of Star Trek: Voyager, and the thirteenth episode in the second season.
a pathway into a hermeneutical circle
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an idealized stereotypes
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Prototype is a progressive metal/thrash metal band from the USA, with at least two of its members from Los Angeles.
a requirement BEFORE KHDC begins the MANUFACTURING process
A specification of the types and exceptions involved in an operator or method. It shows the types of the operands/parameter, the type of the result, and any exceptions that can be thrown during the computation.
A specimen of an organism that is kept in a museum collection to represent a certain species found in the wild.
a working system that does not contain all of the features of the ultimate Millennium system
a standard or typical example; "he is the prototype of good breeding"; "he provided America with an image of the good father"
a concrete example about which new properties can be discovered
a general example
an abstraction from a set of training stimuli that corresponds to their central tendency
a mechanism through which developers and users can arrive at a common understanding of how an automated process should work
An application that simulates the behavior of another, more fully developed application. Visual Basic is often used as a prototyping tool, for example, to quickly develop a possible graphical user interface (GUI) for an application before the application is developed.
a quick and easy way to test the ideas and assumptions that came together to form your Web site
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an excellent way to communicate with end users with the goal being to clearly define the system
a user defined node with a specified name, interface, and body
The definition of a new node type in terms of the nodes defined in this standard.
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an IRS pre-approved plan that can be adopted by an employer
A sports car produced in extremely limited quantities for the purpose of racing.
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a bit of a stretch
Used by a school system to refer to the type of school placement/program in which a student participates
"One of a kind" item, typically, the first article. It's a good practice where multiple cases are concerned, to purchase a "prototype" before ordering a quantity of the same item.
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See Master.
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a tool used to enable better communication about what a piece of software should do
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a set that has typical, central features
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