Definitions for "QFD"
Quality Functional Deployment
Quality Function Deployment. A visual decision-making procedure for multi-skilled project teams which develops a common understanding of the voice of the customer and a consensus on the final engineering specifications of the product that has the commitment of the entire team. QFD integrates the perspectives of team members from different disciplines, ensures that their efforts are focused on resolving key trade-offs in a consistent manner against measurable performance targets for the product, and deploys these decisions through successive levels of detail. The use of QFD eliminates expensive backflows and rework as projects near launch.
Quality Function Deployment. A structured method for translating user requirements into detailed design specifications using a continual stream of "what-how"matrices. QFD links the needs of the customer (end user) with design, development, engineering, manufacturing, and service functions. It helps organizations seek out both spoken and unspoken needs, translate these into actions and designs, and focus various business functions toward achieving this common goal.
Stands for "Quick-Fill Device". This device attaches to a standard garden hose allowing all Super Charger Super Soakers to be refilled quickly. QFDs made in 2000 and beyond are two-way, allowing conventional guns to be filled via a lever which allows for regular water flow.