Definitions for "Functional Requirements"
the services or functions the system should provide. They are detailed descriptions and are written in a structured document format. The functional requirements are written for the purpose of a contract between the client and the contractor.
Outward behavior required of the software project. Functional requirements are gathered by requirements engineers and listed in the software requirements specification.
IEEE] A requirement that specifies a function that a system or system component must be able to perform.
In electronic records, a description of an organization's computer processing needs to fulfill its responsibilities and to support users in performing tasks relating to those responsibilities.
the activities or behaviors relating to a process that the process specification language must be able to support. Some examples are exception handling, dispatching rules, and deadline management.
Covers all the functionality within a site. These areas include the back end programming or database needs to make sure the proper data displays when the user requests it. Examples include using a shopping cart, sales force automation, online banking.
A report documenting the hierarchy of actions within an application. As a project proceeds through it's development cycle, higher level actions are decomposed into more specific steps.
The business, operational, and security features an organization wants included in a program.
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Functions that a building is to perform for the purposes of the Building Act.