Definitions for "Shopping"
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Shopping is Fann Wong (Chinese: 范文芳)'s second album release in Taiwan. It was an immensely popular pop album with over half a million units moved.
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Skateboarding Skating
a customized e-commerce and loyalty platform that enables online shoppers to seamlessly contribute to HELP USA, a national charity that helps those who are homeless and others in need become and remain self-reliant
a basic tool, if you want to achieve a pleasant environment without decades of scavenging for the perfect item
(shopping the pile)
The retriever picks up and drops various bumpers at the pile during yard work, “deciding” which one he wants to pick up. This is a form of avoidance and can be controlled by reinforcing the “fetch” command or giving a “here” with a nick on the e-collar.
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searching for or buying goods or services; "went shopping for a reliable plumber"; "does her shopping at the mall rather than down town"
Shopping is the purchase of goods and services from retailers. Shopping is fun for some people. ONLY YOU CAN SHOP FOR ME. DVDs, VHS Unlimited Downloads and other great things
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a massive hobby of mine (expensive too)
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Seeking to obtain the best bid or offer available by calling a number of dealers and/or brokers.
Making an effort to obtain a better bid or offering from someone else after having received a firm bid or offering from a dealer.
The process whereby a life assurance company with a proposal for an impaired life approaches a number of reinsurers for competitive quotations.
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Sports and Outdoors
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an integral part of any trip to Washington DC
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Autos, Clothing, Gifts...