Definitions for "Sports"
Baseball, Soccer, Basketball...
a page Football March troubles these ---NCAA ComputerUndergroundCheats cheat March Madness March Reserved
a refined baseball experience which puts a premium on skilled pitching and patience at the plate
a weekend Sunday morning ASA slow pitch softball league, limited Saturdays
Many doctors of chiropractic that specialize in injuries that occur during sports activities: (concussion, sprain/strains of the ankle, knee, wrist etc.)
Next for Warriors: at Milwaukee NEXT UP FOR WARRIORS: MILWAUKEE Tipoff: 5 p.m. today, Bradley Center, Milwaukee. TV: Fox Sports Net. Radio: KTCT (1050). Bucks update: The Bucks haven't had a winning streak since December, but completing the season sweep of the Warriors would make it two in a row after a victory over Philadelphia on Saturday. G Michael Redd returned just after the All-Star break following a 20-game absence due to a strained patellar tendon in his left knee. He quickly showed he was back in form, dropping 38 points... | 1 minutes ago
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a comeback kid or whether they should just throw in the towel
a leading supplier of Games Equipment for big kids and little ones
a leading supplier of sporting goods to individuals and teams and croquet hoops, balls and accessories from Jaques, including the Jaques Products carried include Wakeboards, Wakeboard accessories and other accessories
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a bunch of assholes and bought the rights to the NFL license
a bunch of lazy bastards
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a comprehensive boxing game that takes advantage of today's analogue controls for a more 'hands-on' feel
a membership driven organisation that strives to create sporting and recreational opportunities for our members
a not for profit organisation that offers a range of sporting, recreational and leisure programs for University staff and students as well as the general community
Interested in sports? Then our sports editors have you covered. All the news, gossip, rivalries, scandals, and enjoyment of the sporting world - at your fingertips - all the time. Green Posse Jab and Grapple Knuckle Curve Ladies Court Light the Torch NBA Obsessed Six and Out Soccerati Squib Kick The Footie YouHold
a pair of men that played college ball in Omaha, Larry House (Creighton) and Abdul Mills (Nebraska-Omaha)
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Sports is the third album by American rock band Huey Lewis & the News, released in 1983 (see 1983 in music). This was the album that truly broke the band into the big time, going to #1 on the Billboard 200 on June 30, 1984. The album has sold over 10 million copies in the US alone and spawned four Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and an additional Top 20 on the same chart.
an example of an institution that cares immensely about looking like it is doing the right thing (educating its students), but is fine with athletes really getting a lousy education if all the rules are followed to make them look like armatures
an old-school classic
Built to perform in demanding conditions, usually water-resistant to 100m meters or more, and frequently enhanced with chronographs or calibrated bezels (used to measure dive times). Generally bulkier than classic watches, sports pieces often use more exotic materials such as rubber or titanium.
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a playable demo of Fight
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racing street sports wrestling
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a wealthy company
a division of ACTA Publications , a company with a strong history of creating quality books, audio resources and videos for the religious market
a speakers booking agency providing your
a a name used by Electronic Arts since
a branch of Electronic Arts
a brand of Electronic Arts (EA), the world's leading independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for personal computers and advanced entertainment systems
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Propagative units borne in the capsule.
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a tax exempt Youth Association
(1)sport. (2)One of the most seen English words on Japanese T-shirts and clothes.
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Sport Betting Glossary
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a way of life over here
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Top Rated