Definitions for "Winger"
player on left or right side of the attack whose role is close to the touchline; supports forwards and midfielders.
(sports) player in wing position
an optional position that is counted as a Midfielder in the team formation
a revealing look at an issue that often goes unaddressed within the film community
Winger is a webcomic by Carson Fire (real name Eric Gustafson). It follows the relationship of Dab Winger, a conservative Christian, and Mineola Marlowe, a guilty liberal, in the bookstore where they work. The setup allows Fire, a conservative cartoonist, to explore political issues, and just as often the meta-political issues that arise when political idealogues clash.
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Winger is an American Hard Rock/Hair Metal band from New York City.
Winger was the debut album of the American glam metal band Winger. The album was released by Atlantic Records in 1988 and it was produced by Beau Hill.
One of the casks stowed in the wings of a vessel's hold, being smaller than such as are stowed more amidships.
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As above.
Same as wing.