Definitions for "offside"
Illegally beyond a prescribed line or area or ahead of the ball or puck; -- in sports such as football or hockey; as, the touchdown was nullified because the left tackle was offside.
The player is on the opponent's half of the field with only one opponent between the player and the goal when the ball is played. It is a minor violation.
An infringement committed when a player crosses the gain line during a lineout, maul, ruck, or scrum before it has been completed, or when a player is in front of the ball while it is played by a teammate. A penalty is called if an offside player then plays the ball, obstructs or tackles an opponent, or is within 10 metres of an opponent waiting for the ball. The other side is awarded a penalty kick from the spot of infringement or a scrum at the place where the offending side last played the ball. See also accidentally offside.
Offside is a 2007 Iranian film about girls who try to enter a World Cup game but are forbidden by law because of their gender. The film was inspired by director Jafar Panahi's daughter, who decided to attend a game anyway.
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The opposite side of the tree from where the sawyer stands while bucking or felling.
the right hand side of the polo pony.
The right-hand side of a horse.
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an informal website for the Malay College Old Boys Association (MCOBA)
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