Definitions for "Brooklyn"
When a right-handed bowler crosses over to the 1-2 pocket, or a left-handed bowler crossed over to the 1-3 pocket, it is said to have crossed to the Brooklyn side. A Brooklyn strike would result in knocking down 10 pins.
(also CROSSOVER) A strike in which the ball goes to the opposite side it was intended to go. For example, a right-hander hitting the left side of the head pin. (In Brooklyn, it is called a Jersey.)
The is the opposite side of the headpin the bowler traditionally needs to hit (the pocket), which is left for a right-handed bowler and right for a left-handed bowler. Also known as crossover.
a borough of New York City
One of the five boroughs of New York City located to the South East of Manhattan.
Brooklyn (named for the Dutch city Breukelen) is one of the five boroughs of New York City. An independent city until its consolidation into New York in 1898, Brooklyn is New York's most populous borough, with nearly 2.5 million residents.®=null%3Anull&_keyword=&_industry= Kings County, New York, United States Census Bureau, December 30 2006 If all five boroughs were independent cities, Brooklyn would rank as the third most populous city in the United States, behind Los Angeles and Chicago. Brooklyn is coterminous with Kings County, which is the most populous county in New York State, and the second most densely populated county in the United States U.S.
Brooklyn the Musical (or BKLYN the Musical) was a musical which opened on Broadway in 2004. Playing at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, previews began on September 21 and main performances began on October 4. The show closed on June 26, 2005 for almost a year; the show opened again and a national tour began on June 11, 2006.
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