Definitions for "CUT "
Keywords:  shuffle, deck, halves, inverts, dealt
To divide a pack of cards into two portion to decide the deal or trump, or to change the order of the cards to be dealt.
The act of dividing a pack cards.
To trump a hand.
To sever and remove by cutting; to cut off; to dock; as, to cut the hair; to cut the nails.
To remove something, by selecting it and choosing the cut function from a menu. What you cut is placed on the clipboard.
dirt, or other earth material, removed in a grading operation; or to the act of removing, or to the area where material has been removed
Manner in which a thing is cut or formed; shape; style; fashion; as, the cut of a garment.
Refers to the geometric proportions of a gemstone. The cut of a gemstone is one of the most important factors in determining how much sparkle a gemstone produces.
The proportions, make and finish of a polished diamond or the actual shape of the stone. The highest colour grade on the international colour grading scale. Very white.
To switch instantly from one clip to another. A video cut appears suddenly onscreen without any other kind of transition effect. The cut is the most basic kind of transition for changing scenes and dropping titles onto the screen. See also fade, transition.
A score that eliminates a percentage of the field. In most professional 72-hole (or four round) events the cut comes after 36 holes and usually involves all those more than 10 shots behind the leader being eliminated.
A visual transition created in editing in which one shot is instantaneously replaced on screen by another.
Keywords:  gash, scissors, knife, sharp, cleft
To separate the parts of with, or as with, a sharp instrument; to make an incision in; to gash; to sever; to divide.
To do the work of an edged tool; to serve in dividing or gashing; as, a knife cuts well.
To perform the operation of dividing, severing, incising, intersecting, etc.; to use a cutting instrument.
A built-in predicate that removes choice points.
An operator used to terminate backtracking in areas that will not give useful solutions.
Written as !. A built-in predicate that succeeds when encountered; if backtracking should later return to the cut, the goal that matched the head of the clause containing the cut fails immediately.
Keywords:  elude, racket, quick, spin, tackled
To deflect (a bowled ball) to the off, with a chopping movement of the bat.
To drive (an object ball) to either side by hitting it fine on the other side with the cue ball or another object ball.
To strike (a ball) with the racket inclined or struck across the ball so as to put a certain spin on the ball.
to outclass, be superior to. Ex. "That trumpet player cuts them all!= "
When a team owner removes a player from their fantasy roster.
To omit some of the original material from the score.
Keywords:  sabre, blade, flush, selvedge, mortice
hit in sabre competition made by striking with the edge of the blade.
v. to make cuts into a key blade, see also "key cut(s)"
a hit made with the sabre, using the edge of the blade.
An engraved block or plate; the impression from such an engraving; as, a book illustrated with fine cuts.
In letterpress, photo-engraving of any kind.
In letterpress, a photoengraving of any kind. Number of tab positions in a bank (example - 1/5 cut = 5 tabs of equal size completing a bank.
Keywords:  geld, castrate, horse, herd, boss
To castrate or geld; as, to cut a horse.
To interfere, as a horse.
A common work horse; a gelding.
To wound or hurt deeply the sensibilities of; to pierce; to lacerate; as, sarcasm cuts to the quick.
That which wounds the feelings, as a harsh remark or criticism, or a sarcasm; personal discourtesy, as neglecting to recognize an acquaintance when meeting him; a slight.
To hurt someone's feelings EXAMPLE: Your stupid
Keywords:  knives, pastry, shorten, butter, flour
to combine butter or shortening with dry ingredients, usually flours, with two knives, a pastry blender, or your hands, till it resembles coarse meal.
To shorten newspaper copy; also means a newspaper photograph
A pastry term, meaning to mix shortening or butter with flour or other dry ingredients until the mixture resembles coarse meal. To do this, you can use two knives and cut the shortening or butter directly into the flour, or use your fingers to mix it into the flour.
An expression commonly used to designate an engraving or photographic print. Also to dilute and ink, lacquer, varnish, etc. with solvents or with clear base; to thin.
adulterate or dilute drugs
To dilute or thin a paint, varnish or stain with solvents (or waters).
one or more crude oil compounds which vaporize (and are extracted) within a certain temperature range during the crude distillation process. See distillation curve.
a fraction of the distillate collected.
See Fraction.
the excavation required to lower the natural ground line to the desired road profile.
(1) A number of cars, coupled together, or (2) an excavated section through a hill so the tracks can remain as level as possible.
A location on the surface from which earth has been removed by excavation.
Keywords:  dig, notch, railroad, hill, uncouple
A notch, passage, or channel made by cutting or digging; a furrow; a groove; as, a cut for a railroad.
An indentation or notch made in a key that enables it to turn. It may be either square or rounded. In tumbler locks, the cuts align the tumblers properly to allow the key to rotate. In warded locks the cuts clear the wards and allow the key to rotate.
When the railroad has to dig or blast through a hill or mountain to maintain a level roadbed. Also, a few cars coupled together.
Keywords:  hew, incision, reap, carve, mow
To sever and cause to fall for the purpose of gathering; to hew; to mow or reap.
To form or shape by cutting; to make by incision, hewing, etc.; to carve; to hew out.
To admit of incision or severance; to yield to a cutting instrument.
Cut is an album by Dutch hard rock band Golden Earring, released in 1982 (see 1982 in music).
Cut is an album by C-Tec originally released in 2000.
Cut is the debut album by The Slits. It was originally released in September 1979 on the Island Records label (ILPS 9573) in the UK and on Antilles (AN 7077) in the US. Although it only made a brief impact on the UK top 30 at the time, in 2004 it was voted at no 58 in the Observer's list, The 100 Greatest British Albums,11710,1244183,00.html.
A boatman's colloquial term for a canal and a formal term for an artificial channel on a river navigation.
To be Circumcised.
outdo, out perform
or cut out: to leave, to depart; the first also means to outdo a soloist or band in competition.
This refers to the number of needles per inch on a circular-knitting machine. A machine with 22 needles per inch produces a 22-cut fabric. Higher cuts equate to finer fabrics.
The number of slots per inch in the cylinder of a cylinder machine or in the needle bed of a flat machine. The more needles per inch, the higher the cut number and the finer the fabric in the cylinder.
The number of needles utilized per inch when knitting fabric.
the shell of the gourd has been penetrated, punctured or cut through in any manner
An area of severed skin. Wash a cut or scrape it with soap and water, and keep it clean and dry. Putting alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or iodine into a wound can delay healing, and should be avoided. Seek medical care if you think you might need stitches, as delay can increase the rate of wound infection. If the cut results from a puncture wound through the shoe, there is a high risk of infection, and you should see your healthcare professional. Redness, swelling, increased pain, and pus draining from the wound also indicate an infection that requires professional care.
When cutting you are breaking something into small pieces. Match stick size pieces are called, "julienne". You can also cut things into chunks, cubes or thick slices.
Straight separation in support caused by sharp slicing action. Cut Examples
To separate any portion of a workpiece from any other portion of the same workpiece by a step of machining (e.g., grinding, drilling, boring, milling, planing), severing (e.g., breaking, sawing, slicing, shearing), or by intrusion of a sharp-edged or pointed tool without removal of material (e.g., stabbing, splitting, intrusive punching). See pierce.
Slang for qualifying time. The time standard necessary to attend a particular meet or event. (See SCS Swim Guide)
Slang for qualifying time. A time standard generally necessary to attend a particular championship-level meet or event.
Slang term for a qualifying time. A time standard necessary to attend a particular meet or event.
In development work, the term cut refers to the location and direction of holes blasted first to provide a free face to which other holes may break. For example, draw cut, horizontal cut, pyramid cut, burned cut, etc.
In Archaeology and archeological stratification a cut or truncation is a context that represents a moment in time when other archaeological deposits were removed for the creation of some feature such as a ditch or pit. In laymans terms a cut can be thought of a hole that was dug in the past, though cut also applies to other parts of the archaeological record such as horizontal truncations like terraced ground. A cut context is sometimes referred to as a "negative context" as opposed to a "positive context".
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1) A song selection on a CD, record, etc. 2) To mute or turn off. 3) To reduce the gain of a select range of frequencies as with an equalizer. 4) To filter out a specific frequency or frequency range.
The term used to describe a player changing direction on the pitch.
a recording of a song that is commercially available to the public. When you pitch your songs, you are actively seeking cuts by other recording artists.
transcription factor - homeodomain - cut domain - mediates choice between chordotonal sense organ and external sensory organ fate - also involved in wing and follicle cell morphogenesis
Form of social discouragement that involved pretending not to know or see a person who was trying to be acknowledged. Etiquette books said it should only be used by young ladies trying to discourage unwelcome attentions from gentlemen, but many others ‘cutâ€(tm) people too. (Getting the “cut direct” from a social superior could shatter a wanna-be's hopes for improving his social standing.)
An offensive movement to confuse and try to get away from you're marker in order to receive the disc.
Go after a cut or swelling that has already been started. Not a good target unless you are trying to exploit an existing injury to the face.
To reduce the amplitude of all or part of a signal as in the cut (reduction) of mid-range frequencies (in an equalizer filter) with the mid-EQ control. see boost.
to reduce volume, gain or amplitude.
To reduce, lower; opposite of boost.
CUT is a unit-testing framework for C, C++, and Objective-C. Unlike other unit testing tools, CUT doesn't strive to be an SUnit clone. It automates a lot of the drudge work often encountered when using other unit testing packages for the C family of programming languages. CUT may also be used to unit-test assembly language software in some circumstances.
Keywords:  tipsy, overcome, liquor
Overcome by liquor; tipsy.
To refuse to recognize; to ignore; as, to cut a person in the street; to cut one's acquaintance.
to cut someone is to ignore them, look right through. See blank.
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kut vagina
Keywords:  'oki, defeat, beef, competitor, drag
A portion severed or cut off; a division; as, a cut of beef; a cut of timber.
('Oki) To sever, release totally.
1. To defeat or eliminate a competitor in a drag race. 2. To sever. 3. The direction and texture of the cutting teeth of a file.
Keywords:  skein, yarn
A skein of yarn.
Keywords:  sandpaper, grits, sand, finer, erosion
Defect in a casting resulting from erosion of the sand by metal flowing over the mold or cored surface.
To sand a floor. As a noun, cut refers to one pass over an area of floor with sanding equipment. Usually, a mechanic will make two or more cuts with progressively finer grits of sandpaper.
A run by a receiver to shake his defender. Defense.
block below the knees; defensive linemen who frequently "get cut" are, in other words, having difficulty avoiding cut blocks.
to change directions quickly to avoid a defender or to find open space on the floor
Keywords:  assault, tower
Assault tower.
the way in which a garment is cut and made, or how a garment hangs
Cut in clothing, sewing and tailoring, is the style or shape of a garment as opposed to its fabric or trimmings.
Keywords:  stroke, wicket, whip, motion, blow
To make a stroke with a whip.
A stroke or blow or cutting motion with an edged instrument; a stroke or blow with a whip.
A stroke on the off side between point and the wicket; also, one who plays this stroke.
To intersect; to cross; as, one line cuts another at right angles.
A gouge or distortion in two or more thread crests in a line either parallel to the pipe axis or at an angle across the threads.
A low-voltage, continuous waveform optimized for electrosurgical cutting.
Name given by the locals to the winterbourne that flows through the village.
Keywords:  orthodox, breaker, roller, aka, leaf
A method of leaf production that utilizes a "breaker" as opposed to a "roller" AKA:Orthodox method.
1. The term used for a photo, logo, graphic design, or line drawing used by a customer as art work on a matchcover. Also referred to as Stock Cut. (See Stock Design). 2. Any photo, logo, graphic design, or line drawing used as art work on a matchcover.
To absent one's self from; as, to cut an appointment, a recitation. etc.
The failure of a college officer or student to be present at any appointed exercise.
When a sorority either does not invite a woman back to further parties, or the potential new member does not go back to a house she was invited to.
Selects characters or fields from input lines 1132
A downward adjustment to quotas under the system for adjusting quotas in response to movements in the composite indicator price or in group indicator prices. Cuts may be applied globally or selectively.* See also Adjustment of quotas
Keywords:  emulation, terminal
3270 CUT terminal emulation
Keywords:  command, climb, hang, aircraft, unix
A command given to slow the speed of the aircraft once the spot is reached. Helps facilitate the climb-out and hang.
Unix command which is typically used to extract a certain range of characters from a line, usually from a file.
Keywords:  singly, picture, track, together, work
The cut-together work picture and work track, either together or singly.
Keywords:  fake, sudden, attempt, free, speed
An attempt to get free to receive the pass. Usually starting with a body fake and/or a sudden change in direction or speed.
Keywords:  partition, graph, clips, theory, denote
The start or end frame of a clip. The break between two clips.
In graph theory, a cut is a partition of the vertices of a graph into two sets. More formally, let G(V, E) denote a graph. A cut is a partition of the vertices V into two sets S and T.
Keywords:  unauthorized, absence, class
Unauthorized absence from a class.
To move or make off quickly.
(1) Transfer of a service from one facility to another. (2) Process of moving from a test environment into full production. (3) Implementation of a system in a continuous, time bound manner.
To move data from a document into a temporary storage area.
Deliberately missing a class without prior approval.
To transfer a service from one facility to another.
an instant change from one screen or position to another
Keywords:  canal, artificial, channel
An artificial channel or canal.
Items that are ordered, but not delivered because the warehouse is out of stock. These items should be re-ordered. Also called a product cut. See scratch.
When folding larger sections, a cut is made to avoid stretching at the back of the section.
Remove sections from each line of file(s).
Keywords:  warp, weave, woven, length, cloth
A length of WARP required to weave a piece of cloth. Also refers to the length of a piece of woven cloth.
Keywords:  season, log, production
A season‘s log production.
Keywords:  anchor, cable, vessel, free
cut the anchor cable, to free a vessel quickly [238.30
Keywords:  spending, increase, tax, see
increase. See Tax Cut and Spending Cut.
an illustration printed within the text pages of a book. see also Plate
Indicates the direction in which a sheet of faces will be cut from the master sheet. Square, horizontal, or vertical.
Keywords:  sentence, phrase, actuality, part, may
usually same as actuality; may be a phrase or sentence that becomes part of an actuality
that part of the ground surface which, when graded is lower in elevation that the original
Keywords:  smooth, clear, left, surface
The surface left by a cut; as, a smooth or clear cut.
Keywords:  car, train, separate
Separate car(s) from a train
Keywords:  something, well, doing
doing something well
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Cut-Only Equalizer Cutaway