Definitions for "pits"
The hollows in a compact disc or DVD surface defining the data they contain. Pits measure less than 0.5 microns in width and are created by injection molding using a nickel stamper.
Holes on the surface of the optical storage media. Pits are the coded data and carry the information. See also Lands.
Recessed areas on the surface of a CD or DVD, separating lands, or flat areas. Lands and pits are used to represent data on a disc.
The worst possible situation, person, or thing; something extremely bad, boring, or depressing; -- always used with the; as, cleaning the house is the pits.
Pits are sharp depressions on the surface of a raw material or fastener.
The worst possible situation. Also the garages (sometimes known as boxes) where the cars are prepared.
Pits are spots on the vascular cells in plant cells that contain no secondary cell wall which aids in the passage of water through the cells walls. The pit membrane being impermeable to cavitation bubbles helps to localize cavitation during water stress in the plant. DIAGRAM: Pits Sclerenchyma PHOTO
Thin regions of the cell wall in xylem conducting cells. Their structure is an important characteristic for recognizing different kinds of wood.
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The area in which the boats rest when not racing.
The place where drag cars are worked on, fans can also meet their favorite drivers and get autographs.
The staging area in which racing teams are setting up shop on race day.
Assorted pits were dug into the ground and used for storage of food or materials, or for the disposal of rubbish
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Pits is a five player card game, a cross between whist and rummy, with the objective of playing all your cards first.
pits are vertical openings in the floor of a cave passage created by a collapse of rock, slumping of breakdown, or the solutional activity of descending water.
The active part of a strip mine where active excavation and mineral extraction is being done.
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Lowest Point
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Stations along the course where repairs can be made.
Refers to the principal, interest & tax portion of a mortgage payment.