Definitions for "Glory Hole"
The well known term for a hole in a wall, or bathroom stall that a guy puts his dick through so some stanger can suck or fuck it.
A hole, which has been cut in the wall of a public toilet to another adjoining toilet and used by homosexuals to observe or interact with someone else
A hole that produced an unusually rich deposit of gold-bearing ore.
Keywords:  excavated, pit, mine, adit, seabed
(slang) (1) In mining, a slang expression for a vertical pit whose mined material drops into a shaft below the bottom of the pit. (2) A small shaft excavated to assess the quality of an ore.
An open pit from which ore is extracted, especially where broken ore is passed to under ground workings before being hoisted.
An open-cut pit or mine in the earth's surface to reach and mine out an ore deposit with extraction from the bottom level via an adit or underground markings.
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