Definitions for "Benches"
a name given to ledges or shelves that are shaped like steps or terraces
Individual levels in the extraction of an open-pit which often remain as steps in the walls of the pit
Also known as "terrace placers." Sections of old streambed that have been left high and dry by the present stream of water are referred to as "benches." Many benches still contain large paying quantities of gold. I refer to "terraces" and benches in my gold location pages many times.
A wide variety of exercise benches is available for use in doing barbell and dumbbell exercise either lying or seated on a bench. The most common type of bench, a flat exercise bench, can be used for chest, shoulder, and arm movements. Incline and decline benches (which are angled at about 30-45 degrees) also allow movements for the chest, shoulders, and arms.
Surface configurations added to stormwater basins that create flat edges, usually installed for safety and to minimize erosion.
A bench normally has a long seat to accommodate two or more people.
Keywords:  alienated, coal, subdivision, bed, rock
A subdivision and (or) layer of a coal bed alienated from other layers by partings of non-coal rock.