Definitions for "pit"
A circular area on an exchanges floor where the trading of a specific futures...
Formerly, that part of a theater, on the floor of the house, below the level of the stage and behind the orchestra; now, in England, commonly the part behind the stalls; in the United States, the parquet; also, the occupants of such a part of a theater.
An inclosed area into which gamecocks, dogs, and other animals are brought to fight, or where dogs are trained to kill rats.
A large cavity or hole in the ground, either natural or artificial; a cavity in the surface of a body; an indentation
A large hole in the ground from which material is dug or quarried; as, a stone pit; a gravel pit; or in which material is made by burning; as, a lime pit; a charcoal pit.
A vat sunk in the ground; as, a tan pit.
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The endocarp of a drupe, and its contained seed or seeds; a stone; as, a peach pit; a cherry pit, etc.
referring to pitch or resin (_Pittosporum_ = "resinous seed")
To remove the seed from a piece of fruit by cutting around the sides of the fruit and pulling the seed away from the flesh.
A depression or hollow in the surface of the human body
The hollow place under the shoulder or arm; the axilla, or armpit.
A depression or thin spot in the wall of a duct.
The shaft of a coal mine; a coal pit.
a workplace consisting of a coal mine plus all the buildings and equipment connected with it
Any mine, quarry, or excavation area worked by the open-cut method to obtain material of value.
In Crotalins, a recess in the face between the eye and nostril that contains a heat-sensing organ.
A pit-shaped sensory structure between the eye and nostril of a rattlesnake.
An imperfection; a small crater in the surface of the plastic, with its width approximately the same as its depth.
A scar on a metal surface usually the result of extensive rusting.
mark with a scar; "The skin disease scarred his face permanently"
Piani Integrati Territoriali
Those band proper members that play percussion instruments on the side of the field, directly in front of the drum major. Usually comprised of instruments that cannot be carried on a field, such as kettle drums, mallets, bells, etc. The pit is considered part of the percussion of a band and is judged in that category.
Also known as the Front Ensemble. The non-marching percussion section.
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Pilot Instructor Training, the very happy place where they send all the new FAIPs who won't be flying an MWS for another 4 years. Lucky Tweet trained dudes at Vance will probably get to go twice...once for Tweets and then a year later for T-6s. Older guys go to PIT too.
Nintendo's Kid Icarus series. He is Palutena's most loyal servant and the leader of her royal bodyguard.
in a cave, a vertical shaft as viewed from above, formed by dripping or falling water through a vertical crack. See dome.
If you are looking into a deep pit in your dream, you will run silly risks in business ventures and will draw uneasiness about your wooing. To fall into a pit denotes calamity and deep sorrow. To wake as you begin to feel yourself falling into the pit, brings you out of distress in fairly good shape. To dream that you are descending into one, signifies that you will knowingly risk health and fortune for greater success.
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Any abyss; especially, the grave, or hades.
set into opposition or rivalry; "let them match their best athletes against ours"; "pit a chess player against the Russian champion"; "He plays his two children off against each other"
PackIt - Macintosh compression
Macintosh Compressed Archive File
The Team ID for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Process Improvement Team. TQE team made up of personnel working on an institutional process, function or procedure.
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See principal, interest andt axes.
A vertical drop, requiring rappelling and ascending gear.
See Pit of the stomach (below).
Schachtgrube: The part of the well situated below the lowest landing served by the car.
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(see fissures).
Pathology Interchange Format
A cell in a local drain direction network that only has neighbours pointing towards it and no neighbours at lower or equal elevation that it can point to. See Also: local drain direction network.
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A contained unit usually with concrete walls in which liquid or semi-liquid manure is stored.
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Pitman Hall, 160 Mutual Street
a site where granular material, not including consolidated rock, is being or has been taken.
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The base of a steep wave.
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a sleeping bag
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A point around which all slopes are positive (i.e., upward).
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pituitary gland
Principal, Interest and Tax payments to be made on a regular basis, as outlined in the mortgage agreement.
The impact point from which, typically, a small piece of glass is missing.
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A tiny opening, often looking like a white dot.
(Page Information Transfer) - the successful transfer of the text of a Web page to a browser.
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parental income test
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premium income price spread
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See Ring.
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General term for an iron ore working.
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See Room.
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Public Information Terminal
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Principal, Interest and Taxes
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