Definitions for "BACKFILLING"
The filling in again of a place from which the rock or ore has been removed.
waste material used to fill the void created by mining an ore body.
The practice of filling in holes left in land after the removal of below-ground structures.
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Heavy sizing of corn starch, talc, China clay, and tallow to increase weight, bulk and hiding power in inexpensive fabrics. Much cheaper than latex backings.
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The process of piling earth against the outer surface of a form.
Backfilling is the process of putting earth back into the hole where it was dug from.
A process whereby earth is removed from an area to permit construction and is then returned to an area from whence it was removed.
The practice of some patrol officers of writing entries about an incident in their notebook after those made at the time. Considered to be unethical and potentially illegal, given the importance of an officer's notes at trial.
the return of wastes or other material underground for disposal
The tipping of material (normally waste material) into former mineral workings in order to recreate a useable land surface.