Definitions for "Regular"
Conformed to a rule; agreeable to an established rule, law, principle, or type, or to established customary forms; normal; symmetrical; as, a regular verse in poetry; a regular piece of music; a regular verb; regular practice of law or medicine; a regular building.
Constituted, selected, or conducted in conformity with established usages, rules, or discipline; duly authorized; permanently organized; as, a regular meeting; a regular physican; a regular nomination; regular troops.
Thorough; complete; unmitigated; as, a regular humbug.
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Riding with the left foot forward on the snowboard.
Left-foot-forward snowboard rider.
A snowboarder who rides left foot forward. Describes both the rider and the stance.
Belonging to a monastic order or community; as, regular clergy, in distinction dfrom the secular clergy.
See: Regular Clergy
living according to a rule; can refer to living in a monastic community or a community of regular canons
A soldier belonging to a permanent or standing army; -- chiefly used in the plural.
A common-born soldier.
a soldier in the regular army
In a regular graph, each vertex has the same degree. If this common degree is k, then we say that the graph is k-regular.
polygon is regular if its sides are equal and its angles are equal. A polyhedron is regular if every face is regular and if every vertex figure is regular. Standardly, there are nine regular polyhedra: the five Platonic solids and the four Kepler-Poinsot solids, but others might be allowed, depending on the definition of polyhedron.
(adj.): A graph is regular if all its vertices have the same degree (q.v.). The Rook graph of an 8*8 chessboard is regular of degree 14 -- that is, a Rook on an empty board can go to 14 other squares, regardless of which square it stands on. None of the other chess pieces yields a regular graph.
in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle; "his regular calls on his customers"; "regular meals"; "regular duties"
in accord with regular practice or procedure; "took his regular morning walk"; "her regular bedtime"
not deviating from what is normal; "her regular bedtime"
Governed by rule or rules; steady or uniform in course, practice, or occurence; not subject to unexplained or irrational variation; returning at stated intervals; steadily pursued; orderlly; methodical; as, the regular succession of day and night; regular habits.
occurring at fixed intervals; "a regular beat"; "the even rhythm of his breathing"
relating to a person who does something regularly; "a regular customer"; "a steady drinker"
often used as intensifiers; "a regular morass of details"; "a regular nincompoop"; "he's a veritable swine"
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Same as Isometric.
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not constipated
A member of any religious order or community who has taken the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and who has been solemnly recognized by the church.
a regular patron; "an habitue of the racetrack"; "a bum who is a Central Park fixture"
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see actinomorphic.
A space is regular if whenever is a closed set and is a point not in , then and have disjoint neighbourhoods.
regularly scheduled for fixed times; "at a regular meeting of the PTA"; "regular bus departures"
Refers to a scheduled tournament that is not a qualifier or a restricted tournament.
a person who has contributed to the newsgroup for a year or more, who finds value in, and has knowledge of, paranormal phenomena -- not someone who argues against the existence of the paranormal
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Bolt A latchbolt with the bevel set to suit a door opening in.
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Another traditional term for the standard 20-stick size match. (See Standard).
Having all faces or sides of equal size and shape.
With floral parts within a whorl similar in shape and size.
Any envelope without a Window.
A style of commercial envelope that does not have a window.
Term used to designate advertising structures which do not have illumination. Preferred term is "unilluminated".
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A club shaft with normal flex.
(of solids) having clear dimensions that can be measured; volume can be determined with a suitable geometric formula
a person who acquires the Franchise License to develop
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Typical width of a basic font.
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an especially classic track
a dependable follower (especially in party politics); "he is one of the party regulars"
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officially full-time; "regular students"
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all right