Definitions for "Paranormal"
Of or pertaining to parapsychology; pertaining to forces or mental processes, such as extrasensory perception or psychokinesis, outside the possibilities defined by natural or scientific laws; as, paranormal phenomena.
Literally, "outside the normal." An adjective that describes anything that cannot be explained in light of present knowledge, including ghosts, extrasensory perception, dowsing, astral projection, etc.
phenomena which seem to go beyond known laws of cause and effect; frequently used as a synonym to parapsychological or psychic.
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An extremely customizable audio visualization library
Paranormal is an extremely customizable visualization plugin for XMMS, based on Winamp's AVS plugin. Its goal is to be as flexible as possible by providing a number of 'actuators' that perform various tasks involved in generating an image. These actuators can then be combined to create a nearly unlimited number of effects.