Definitions for "Intuition"
Direct apprehension or cognition; immediate knowledge, as in perception or consciousness; -- distinguished from "mediate" knowledge, as in reasoning; as, the mind knows by intuition that black is not white, that a circle is not a square, that three are more than two, etc.; quick or ready insight or apprehension.
Any quick insight, recognized immediately without a reasoning process; a belief arrived at unconsciously; -- often it is based on extensive experience of a subject.
The ability to have insight into a matter without conscious thought; as, his chemical intuition allowed him to predict compound conformations without any conscious calculation; a mother's intuition often tells her what is best for her child.
experienced nurse's ability to assess a situation quickly, make decisions and act.
The repository for all of our life experiences. Latent Root Cause The lack of, or deficiency in, management systems (rules, procedures, guidelines, etc.) or restraining cultural norms that allowed the failure to occur.
is an unconscious process of making decisions using experience and judgment.
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believing something to be true because a person's emotions and logic support it
an impression that something might be the case; "he had an intuition that something had gone wrong"
Imperfect, indefinite and approximate knowledge but "sure" of something of absolutely real, but one places (at least temporarily) beyond every possibility of true knowledge.
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an unjustified conviction
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Intuition is the fourth studio album by the Norwegian hard rock band TNT. The sound of the album was more commercial than on their previous albums.
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Intuition: inner knowigness. An attribute of Rays 2 & 6. - One of the 72+ divine attributes of God.
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Any object or truth discerned by intuition.
An essential component of our being that businesses and people ignore at their peril.
By evolution produced way of reacting to mood (see evolution and mood)
a unique suite of online resources designed specifically to meet the needs of the finance profession
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springs from the light of pure reason alone (nothing can be added to intuition; it is simple) Back to top of this page Back to top of this page
A ability of an experienced player to decide on a move or plan by feel, rather than by extensive analysis.
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A looking after; a regard to.