Definitions for "Subjective"
Keywords:  bias, mind, perceiver, thought, spinoza
Of or pertaining to a subject.
Especially, pertaining to, or derived from, one's own consciousness, in distinction from external observation; ralating to the mind, or intellectual world, in distinction from the outward or material excessively occupied with, or brooding over, one's own internal states.
Modified by, or making prominent, the individuality of a writer or an artist; as, a subjective drama or painting; a subjective writer.
The opposite of objective, subjective means influenced by personal beliefs and experiences (11). An objective survey evaluating the effectiveness of a new medication might record changes in participants' blood pressure or days absent from work. A subjective survey evaluating the same medication might interview participants to ask them how they feel, what they remember, etc.
information influenced by personal feelings or biases
Individual and internal. Having to do with one's own experience and interpretation of that experience. See also: objective.
The subjective pronouns are pronouns used as the subject of a sentence; in other words, the initiator or instigator of a verb. Subjective pronouns correspond to the nominative case of inflected languages.
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Items in the patient record which are derived from the patient's verbal or written communications with the doctor.
Section in a progress note where a patient's account of their current problem is documented. Consists of chief complaint, HPI and ROS.
The part of analysis that relies on the judgement and skill of the analyst.
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From the perspective of a being or group of beings.
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see First-person point of view, above